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Australian Private Label Skin Care

Australian Private Label skin care is here to create the solution to purchasing and managing skincare products for your medium or small business. As well as specialising in hair care and super powders, private label skincare and body care is a major part of our services. 

The Private Label skincare range is made in Australia with only natural ingredients. There is zero animal testing, ensuring each formula is cruelty free, vegan, and consisting of organic ingredients. From cleansers and moisturisers to eye creams and serums, you can find everything to match your customers’ needs at Australian Private Label.

What is Private Label Skin Care?

Private label skin care is a concept in which businesses team up with product manufacturers to deliver custom-made skincare products. The process is a cost-effective way to produce stock for your business that aligns with your vision, represents your brand, and ensures top quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Going down the private label skincare route is a big decision for any business owner. Private label skincare is an alternative to selling brand names to your customers, and instead, offering your own designs from a trusted company. 

There are many benefits to the private labelling model. Private-labelled products typically have an increased profit margin. You have the flexibility to set competitive pricing, and the customized branding transmits a message of high-quality items that are unique to the market.

Another advantage of private labelling is that it promotes your brand identity. You can build up your brand name through personalized products and packaging, without having to concern yourself with the fuss of physical production. A private label company will take care of things for you.

If you’re serious about sourcing your own skincare range, consider Australian Private Label. Whether you’re a start-up business or have been navigating the industry for years, private labelling is a shift in the right direction.

Types of Private Label Skin Care Products

With Australian Private Label, you’ll never be short of products to discover. With collections targeting different skin types and conditions, there’s a formula to meet the skin needs of your customer. 

Each of our products are available in formulas carefully crafted to manage dry, sensitive, problematic, and mature skin types. Whether your customers require thorough hydration, a youthful glow, or just a little TLC, you can find it here.

Facial Cleansers

Our facial cleansers work deep into the skin, removing dirt, oil and pollutants after long days. 

Scrubs & Masks

APL scrubs work simultaneously as a face mask when skin needs it most. In a silky paste format, our face scrubs smoothen skin, remove dry skin, and can improve overall texture.


The serums we offer are compact with powerful ingredients to target key skin types. 


We offer facial and body moisturizers to ensure overall hydration for your customers. 

Eye Creams

APL eye creams are ideal for soothing, and firming the skin below and around the eyes.

Beard Oils

For beards in need of a boost, our beard oils work wonders in just a few drops. 

Our Private Skin Care Collections

Our collections include skincare products tailored to a large range of skin conditions, including dry, sensitive, mature, and problematic. We also offer a collection for all skin types, hemp skincare, and custom samples which are formulated using the hero ingredients of your choice.

With over 250 ingredients to choose from and a range of scents, the formula is meticulously developed by our experts. The result is your own custom product, sent out to you as soon as possible. 

We believe that custom formulations are essential to create skincare products that represent your brand and business, while ensuring happy customers and setting you apart from other industry brands. 

Sample sizes and product testing is available to not only ensure you get a unique product, but a perfect one. Every order comes with a free custom sample which you can review prior to ordering in bulk. So, whatever the skincare hopes of your clients, we’ve got an answer to bring your customers complete satisfaction. 

How Can Businesses Use Our Private Label Skin Care Products?

Our private label skincare products are perfect for small to medium e-commerce brands. Whether you’re new to the industry or an established brand, we can guide you through your custom skin care journey.

Start Up Businesses

If you’re just joining the digital world of selling products, you can take advantage of our custom samples, low MOQs, and affordable costs. With our expertise, we can support you in the decision-making process of private labelling.

Established Brands

If you’ve already built a name for yourself and secured a place in the market, we can help you continue to grow. Adding your own range of unique skincare items is a certified way to bring character, identity, and a certain coolness to your brand.

Hair & Beauty Salons

Direct your clients to support your salon online by selling your own range of skincare products. 

Why Choose Australian Private Label?

We are an Australian owned company, offering the best in skincare with over 250 natural, organic, and Australian ingredients. We are committed to delivering a service that meets your business and your customer’s expectations, every time. Here are 6 reasons to choose us. 

  • Ethical values - we pride ourselves in using only natural and organic ingredients. We do not condone animal testing, and thus, our formulas are cruelty free, as well as vegan.

      • Expert creators - our team have over 15 years of experience within the fields of personal care, cosmetics, sun protection and pharmaceuticals. They have worked as research, development and quality managers, with chemistry degrees and diplomas in safety science and formulation science.

      • Product range - we not only specialize in skincare, but hair care, powders and shakes. Whatever your business within the self-care industry, we’ve got a great selection of products for you.

  • Low MOQs - we offer low minimum order quantities to allow flexibility for your business. We want to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase before buying in bulk.

    • Great rates - we use e-commerce shipping and fulfillment software that brings great rates from the warehouse to your customers. It also allows for better rates when importing stock from overseas.

    • Custom samples - you can choose any of our products and have a free sample sent to you.

    Our Process

    Whichever private label skin care you decide to go for, the production and manufacturing process is simple and extremely flexible. Take advantage of our low minimum order quantity, get packaging design from us, or use your own brand packaging. The label options are completely up to you! Don’t worry about the wait either, you can expect fast turnaround times with Australian Private Label.

    As an Australian owned, private label cosmetic manufacturer, our private label products deliver quality, optimal results, and a great service. Whatever your place in the market, our low minimums allow you a taste of private labelling through your own products' custom formulation. 

    Get in Touch 

    Get in touch to discuss all things skin care, whether you’re looking to launch your own product or private label, upgrade an existing one, or are simply seeking packaging, production or manufacturing advice from our team.

    We are essentially a research laboratory with a huge passion for supporting all your technical needs. From Mermaid Waters and the eastern coastline, our formulations team is on board to suit your business needs.


    What is Australian Private Label?

    Australian Private Label is a tech-first 3PL business focusing on small to medium brands in the e-commerce market. APL provides technical solutions to businesses in the skin care and hair care market for all customer product needs. Services include custom formulations, pumping and labelling, and contract manufacturing.

    What is private label skin care? 

    Private label skin care is a business model in which companies source customized products from trusted manufacturers. The process allows you to tailor skincare formulas to the needs of your clients, improve the quality of existing products, and provide expert knowledge and advice for your brand.

    What is the Australian Private Label skin care range? 

    The Australian Private Label skin care range includes products for the skincare hopes of all customers. Scroll through our collections which include skincare for sensitive, mature, dry, and problematic skin types. Develop your own custom product or your own skin care range with our formulation and development services. 

    How much does it cost to private label skincare?

    The cost of private label skin care varies between manufacturing companies. Costing is dependent on your formula, branding requirements, order volume and packaging. As a rough estimate, we say anywhere from $6- $16 per unit.

    How do I make a skincare brand?

    Building a skincare brand requires expertise, great products and a clear vision. If you’re a startup skincare business looking to grow your brand, private labelling is a good place to start. A private label company can help to develop your brand identity, give you an edge over other brands in the market, and increase your profit margins.