Collection: Private Label Hair Care Products

Australian Private Label Hair Products

Looking for the perfect solution to create or enhance your own brand? Australian Private Label hair care offers top quality cosmetics at an affordable price. With our industry knowledge, we can transform your brand into a private label company that your clients love.

Our private label hair products are Australian made using natural and organic ingredients. We make formulas that are cruelty free, vegan, and suitable for a range of hair types and conditions.

From colour-treated hair masks to our magical hair growth serum, you can count on us to take care of your business needs. 


What are Private Label Hair Products?

Private label hair care means custom beauty products for your salon. Acquiring the help of a private label company allows you to create hair care products branded specially for you. 

Australian Private Label takes care of the formulations, manufacturing, packaging, and design. All you have to do is choose your ingredients, select your order size, and await your branded cosmetics arriving. 

It’s a great way to market your brand, make a profit, and take back control of your business. 

Entering the world of private labelling means you no longer need to advertise other brands in your salons. You can direct your customers to shop your very own hair care range. With the freedom to set competitive prices, you can expect higher profit margins, too.

Wouldn’t it feel good to offer your salon clients hair products featuring your own brand name? Source shampoos and conditioners, serums, masks, and detanglers, all without lifting a finger. Decide what will best suit your customers’ hair, and we will take care of the rest. 


Types of Private Label Hair Products

We offer a carefully curated selection of hair products. Whatever your customers’ hair needs, we have a formula to match. Our collection of private label hair care products provides treatment for curly, fine, colour-treated, frizzy, and damaged hair. We also make formulations to target and promote hair growth. 

Currently we offer the following hair care supplies. Each is available for the different hair types mentioned.


All our shampoos are packed with hero ingredients that you can pick yourself. While an everyday essential, shampoo doesn’t need to be limited in creation. Scroll through over 250 ingredients and have the perfect sample made up. 


Great conditioner is key to hair and beauty salons. With our tailor-made conditioners, you can develop the one to wow your customers, leaving hair soft, silky, and under control.


Our detanglers are ideal for straightening out knots and tats, eliminating the need to get rough with a brush or comb. The product is suitable to touch the roots, before working through to the ends. 

Hair Mask

Our roots-to-ends hair masks nourish and heal the hair, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. Texture is improved, life restored, and your clients are left feeling completely pampered. 


We keep our serums lightweight to avoid build-up, of the feeling of heaviness within the hair. Our serums aid in nourishment, moisture, and provide a healthy shine. 


We offer 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners for salons who prefer a combined formula. With so many ingredients to choose from, we can design a super product that consists of your top two hair products.

Our Private Label Hair Collections

If you’re in the market for private label hair care, you’re in the right place. Our collection ranges from fortified masks for brittle hair, to detanglers that nourish natural curls. 

You can book a lab day with us where we will begin to develop luxury salon products for your brand. Get as involved as you like in the creation process by looking through our catalogue of over 250 ingredients. Custom formulations are imperative to getting your company product just right. 

With sample offerings and product testing prior to bulk ordering, combined with our industry knowledge, we ensure you make the right choices. 

Leave the packaging and manufacture process to us, and before long, you’ll be launching your very own range of hair care. Fuss-free.

Who are we?

Australian Private Label is a tech first company with a strong interest in skin, hair, and lifestyle products. We formed after noticing a gap in the market for the smaller and medium online businesses seeking to build brand identity, and to manage stock in a hassle-free way. 

We decided to offer our services to provide brands with live inventory management, storage solutions, and pick and pack. On top of this, we produce custom formulations and private labelling for those looking to launch a beauty product, a whole product line, or to reinvent a current product for greater results.

As a team of industry professionals with a job history that includes research, development and quality management in the areas of personal care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, we’re happy to share any advice we have for you. 

Who Can Benefit From Our Private Label Hair Products?

Australian Private Label turns its focus to the e-commerce space, where small and medium brands can benefit from our hair products. No matter if you’ve owned salons for decades or are just starting out, our services can set you up for success. 

We like to think we’re a great source of opportunity for start-up businesses. It can be difficult to get going online when you’re new to e-commerce, especially if you want to sell your own products. We can help you with all aspects of private labelling, from the packaging design, to the volume, to the custom formulas created by our lab team. With our low MOQs, you don’t need to go too hard too soon. 

We appreciate that you might already be a player in the industry, but if you’d like to go further, we can help. Whether you want to improve your existing hair care range, or add an entirely new product, we’re here to make it happen.

Spas, hair, and beauty salons can benefit from offering in-house products for clients. Using great formulas on your customers' hair and offering those products for sale online is a great way to boost your profits.

Our Process

Whatever you decide for your private label hair care, we keep the process simple. Book a custom formulation lab day with us, and we will go over the development strategy. 

Our minimum order quantity is low, meaning you don’t have to over-order stock. We handle everything including storage, pick & pack, and live inventory management, while fulfilling orders quickly.

Test out private labelling with Australian Private Label. Wherever your business is placed in the industry, private label hair products are an investment not to be missed. 

Get in Touch 

Do you want to get on-board with a private label hair care range? Say hi to our team and discuss your ideas by booking a call. We have a lot of advice to offer, so don’t shy away from telling us exactly what you want for your brand. 

We offer solutions to your technical needs, allowing you to allocate your brand the attention it deserves, while growing your business at the same time.


What are private label hair products?

Private label hair products are hair care items customized to your brand. Businesses outsource manufacturing companies to create, develop, and package hair products for you to sell. It’s a way of investing in your business, growing your brand, and promoting your image. 

Is private label cosmetics profitable?

The private label manufacturing of cosmetics including beauty and hair products can be very profitable. Generally, businesses can source products which are suited to customer needs and expectations, ensuring quality, and allowing for competitive prices which raise profit margins, and sales.

How do you formulate hair products?

You can formulate your own hair products by working with a private label company such as Australian Private Label. After discussing the best ingredients and essential oils for your product, an expert formulation team gets to work.