11 Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Brand Using Social Media


You've done the hard part. Your skin care brand is officially out in the universe. The manufacturing and distribution process is up and running, and now you're wondering how to grow your skin brand further. 

Securing a place in the skincare world is a must. There are several business aspects to monitor, from your website and eCommerce store to your content and image.

Social media is a crucial element in the current climate. It has grown increasingly over the past few years, offering businesses an opportunity to interact and engage with real customers. It serves as a strong marketing strategy to keep your customers following the skin care journey with you.

Now, social media platforms require creative and consistent content to keep your current clients on board while enticing new customers. You can develop your skin care business with the right strategy, securing a position next to multiple other skincare brands.

This article discusses 11 ways to grow your skin care brand with social media assistance. 

Why Use Social Media?

Social media is defined as interactive technologies that enable sharing information and ideas through cyberspace. It facilitates online communities' development through shared beliefs and an interest in skin health. Networking brings virtual communities together, regardless of skin types.

Overall, it can play an essential role in brand success, boasting several benefits that are hard to ignore. Here are 4 key reasons to use social media as a marketing tool for your skin care business.

1.  Reduce marketing costs

Social platforms don't have to cost a lot of money. If you're a smaller business, it's a cost-effective method to get your brand name out there. Depending on your overall budget, you can spend as little or as large as you like.

A post on Facebook or Instagram is far cheaper than budgeting for a photoshoot in a magazine. Simply put, you raise brand awareness and attract potential customers without breaking the bank.

11 Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Brand Using Social Media

2.  Give your brand a voice

Posting on social media helps you to create a voice for your brand. You can share your opinions, brand mission and ethical values to give customers a sense of who you are and what you stand for. 

Skincare consumers typically like to know the ins and outs of their chosen brand. They want to feel connected to those designing the formulas that treat their dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. So, use your accounts wisely to invite them into your business. 

3.  Remain relevant

Regular content posting ensures you keep your customers interested in your skin care brand. With limited content, some may forget about you and turn to other skincare brands who reel them in. 

Keep your skin care brand at the forefront of your audience's mind, so you're never forgotten or left looking irrelevant next to the cosmetics brands that regularly promote their collections.

4.  Build customer loyalty

A great possibility with social media is building a virtual community with customers who love your brand. It becomes a space to share reviews of skincare products, discuss skin concerns like sun damage or reducing wrinkles, and talk about skin health. 

A good position on social media will give your skin care brand an edge, boost your reputation and increase marketing through word-of-mouth as you develop a loyal customer following.

11 Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Brand Using Social Media

11 Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Brand Using Social Media

If you want to get your skin care products onto more bathroom shelves, let's look at how to make the most out of social media marketing channels.

1.  Connect with people

The whole point of social networking is that you engage with others. As well as creating and sharing skincare content, connect with those who reach out to you. You can also build relationships with other brands within the skincare world, from beauty bloggers and influencers to the beauty director of your favourite skincare brand.

Spark conversations, follow up on messages and respond to comments where possible. Networking is essential for any business using social platforms as a marketing tool.

2.  Humanise your brand

Instead of remaining an unapproachable entity, try to connect people to your business on a human level using different techniques. Everybody enjoys live streams and behind the scenes footage. 

Give your followers an insight into the daily operations of your business. You can introduce yourself and your team, film your workspace and show off your latest skincare products or skincare routine. You could even discuss your skin issues, share your beauty secrets and talk about independently selected items from the collection.

The personal approach shows potential customers who you are and what your brand does. It's an extra layer of communication.

3.  Recruit writers

If writing isn't your forte and you don't fancy yourself as a beauty editor, recruiting talented copywriters or a contributing editor is a great way to ensure your content and platform is professional, well-written and driving customers to action. 

As the founder of a skin care brand, you already have much work to contend with. Outsourcing people who can do a better job in certain areas is a step in the right direction. 

4.  Keep content engaging

Great content is everything. Your followers will soon lose interest if your content becomes boring or lacks quality. You should ensure that everything you post online engages your target audience. Fortunately, you're never out of content as a skin care brand.

Step inside your customer's mind, and think about what you would like to see from skincare brands. There are plenty of avenues to go down, whether discussing skin types and skin tone in detail, skin texture, providing solutions to skin concerns, common irritants, and explaining the active ingredients of your products. 

Connecting on an emotional level is often appealing to consumers. Talk about your natural ingredients, the quality ingredients and the importance of good value from skincare. 

5.  Post testimonials

If you're getting rave reviews, why not share them with your followers? Posting testimonials from genuine customers prove to potential customers that your products are delivering results as promised. 

When others back your brand, it promotes the products featured in your eCommerce store and attracts new customers to try them for themselves. With enough rave reviews, you'll soon develop a reputation for selling a must-have and go-to product.

11 Ways to Grow Your Skin Care Brand Using Social Media

6.  Post tutorials

If there's one thing skincare enthusiasts love, it's skin tutorials! Filming a tutorial on using the skincare range is incredibly helpful for many customers. You could post your team's skin care routine and how-tos covering skin issues from dark spots and dark circles to reducing fine lines and pesky crow's feet.

Although products like a facial cleanser are relatively self-explanatory, many people are new to trying certain items. Not everybody knows their face oils from their serums or the difference between hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid.

7.  Post before and after photos

Along with sharing reviews, posting before and after photos of customers who have bought your products is another way to prove the results from the active ingredients in your unique formulas.

People want results, so if you can show that your brand can deliver a healthy glow or smoother skin texture, do it!

8.  Maintain a professional attitude

Recording tutorials and streaming live from the office can be great fun, but remember to maintain your professionalism. While sharing your personality is a great way to connect, be sensible in what you choose to publish. When a skin care brand loses its professional edge, it becomes difficult to be taken seriously. 

Managing your skin type and crafting healthy skin habits is an integral part of daily life for many people. Make sure they trust your brand enough to leave their skincare needs in your hands.

9.  Have a consistent brand image

Whether you're setting up a social space on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, your image should remain the same across all channels. It is another way to portray professionalism and enable potential customers to find you online. Your name and logo become easily recognisable, solidifying your brand identity. 

Consistency also brings confidence to your customers. When your image is clear, it assures searchers that you are a legitimate business with an authentic brand identity.

10.  Nail the visuals

A stand-out aspect of any successful skincare business is the use of high-quality imagery. Although social media marketing can save on costs, you should not overlook the importance of good images. 

Whether photographing eye cream, makeup remover, sun protection or ferulic serum, the image should be high resolution, bright and clear before reaching the public eye. Your feed should reflect the quality that goes into just one bottle of formula. It's unlikely somebody will buy from a store where the product image is blurred, unclear or excessively light/dark. 

As with the writing side of things, you might want to recruit a photographer or graphic designer where possible. Otherwise, many tips and tricks are available to nail the visual side of things yourself.

Drive traffic to your eCommerce store

To grow your skincare business, don't forget that you need to drive people to your online store. Providing exciting content is one thing, but getting people to buy from you is another. Include CTAs (call to action) buttons to encourage people to head to your shop and include clear retail links to direct traffic.


Hopefully, this article has shed some light on using social media to grow your skin care brand. You give your business the best opportunity to thrive in the competitive beauty industry with a solid strategy. 

Increased and focused marketing is a critical way to master your brand as your products soon become a drugstore staple with a big fan club. You'll notice the impact in just a few months.