9 Private Label Products to Kickstart a Business


When starting your own business, it is imperative that you get products onto the market as quickly as possible. You've probably done your research into how to quickly get products to begin a business and in that research, you will have come across terms like 'private label products,' 'private label brand,' and 'private label manufacturers.'

If you're wondering what on earth private label products and businesses and brands are and how they can help you to get products onto the market, then you've come to the right place.

Private labelling is an incredibly popular practice and has gained in popularity in recent years too. Private label products allow you to bring your products to market without needing in-house expertise or manufacturing capabilities, indeed private label manufacturing services do everything for you, making this the perfect option for new businesses!

In this article, we're going to be looking at what private label brands are and what they do, how they could help you and your business to sell private label products, what the different terms mean in the private label product industry, and nine of the best private label products you could try selling to start a successful business. To find out more, keep reading now.

9 Private Label Products to Kickstart a Business

What is a private label brand?

A private label brand produces private label products for other businesses. Private label products are products that brands may purchase and label as their own to be sold by their brand. Private label products are customizable and can be used to create unique and interesting products without the need to employ in-house experts or manufacturing operations.

Many industries use private label products to create new products and expand their lines. It helps smaller businesses to create more products and bring them to the market quickly and allows brands that do not have the in-house expertise to create products for their niche markets.

Some private label business operations also allow for in-house packing, shipping, and distribution of goods. This allows for custom labelling to comply with your own branding and means you don't need to consider any of the supply chain logistics.

Using a private label business to supply your products is a good way of allowing yourself time and space to grow your business and come up with new product ideas while someone else deals with the day-to-day manufacture and distribution of your products.

Using private label products could really help to kickstart your business. To find out how take a look at the next section.

How will using private label manufacturers help my business?

Private label products are great for new businesses for a few different reasons. Take a look below to find out more.

  • Private label products can help you get products onto the market quickly - With in-house experts at private label brands, you can take a product idea to them and watch as they run with that idea to create the product you had in mind. You will not have to conduct extensive product research, will not have to carry out testing of products, and can instead, focus on how to grow your brand sustainably.
  • A private label manufacturer can provide adaptable products - Using your own private label products means choosing exactly what goes into them, what they look like, and even what they're packaged in. This means your product is truly unique and a reliable private label manufacturer will also be able to provide changes when it is needed, such as with market shifts.
  • Private label products allow for your own brand name to be on the box - Unlike other quick-to-market products, you can have your own brand name and designs on the packaging. This means it will be your own brand people will associate with the product and can build customer loyalty to your private label business.
  • Many private label manufacturers also fulfil shipping duties - With lots of private label businesses working to package and distribute your products too, you really have little else to worry about when using private label products.
  • Production costs can be kept as low as you want them - Using private label products means having ultimate control over the ingredients in your products as well as everything else needed to make and distribute your product. this means you can save on raw materials or splurge where you want to.
  • Higher profit margins are common with private label products - Private label products lend themselves to higher profit margins, helping you to turn a profit quickly while keeping manufacturing costs low.

9 Private Label Products to Kickstart a Business

White label products, private label products, wholesale products: what does it all mean?

When exploring private label products, you will inevitably come across other terms too, like white label products, custom formulations, and wholesale products. Made to sell products cover such a huge market, it can get confusing. Below, we have summarized each term.

White label products

White label products differ from private label products in that they are not customisable or adaptable. A white label product is created and sold as-is with a brand's name and logo on it. White label products are commonly used by hotels, hair salons, and in other places where a niche market audience may not be the target.

White label products are good if you're looking for a generic product that suits a range of people whereas private label product ideas may come from more niche market research that focuses on one target demographic.

Custom formulation

custom formulation is a product created entirely for you. While private label products can be customised, they tend to start off with a generic base formulation. Some private labelling brands offer more customisation whereas others may offer more generic private label product lines, but a custom formulation is totally your own.

Wholesale products

Wholesale products are almost totally opposite to private label and white label products because the name of the brand that created them remains on the product while you just sell it. A wholesale product is a product that you sell on behalf of another brand.

Private label products that could help you to kickstart a business

So, now that we know all there is to know about creating a private label product line, let's find out what kind of products you could start selling today for a successful business. Below, we have summarized a few of our top picks for selling private label products. Check them out.

1. Cosmetics

Cosmetics is a huge industry and an industry with lots of money! It is split into a few different areas including skincare, haircare, and makeup. Private label products are very popular in cosmetics as private label businesses can offer the expertise that brands may not have in-house.

Private label skincare products allow you to create products for your eCommerce business that target different skin types as well as different skin concerns and can include a whole range of different ingredients. You can take your product ideas to a private label business and see how they make your product come to life.

Similarly, with both haircare products and makeup, your private label product idea is what begins the process of creating and launching private label products which are unique to you and your market.

9 Private Label Products to Kickstart a Business

2. Clothing

Clothing manufacturers around the world create a tonne of private label products for brands to sell each year. Private label clothing products are great for businesses who are just starting out in the fashion industry and looking for a way to get unique products onto the market to help them to stand out.

Using a private label brand works best if you have identified a niche already and this is particularly important when selling private label products in the fashion industry. Don't cover too many markets and find a niche that fits, otherwise, you risk customers being confused as to who your brand is!

3. Shoes

Private label shoes are another great option in the fashion industry. Like with clothing, try not to stretch your net too far and build a customer base within a niche of the shoe market.

4. Furniture

Selling private label furniture is a great way to set up your own furniture brand and start making money! Furniture is a product people will always need and so it is likely to sell well.

Consider what people want in furniture. Do they want easy to build flat-pack products, or perhaps they want more trending private label products to fit in with the current style? Consider your target customer base before buying!

5. Small storage products

Small storage units are great for when people want to get organised and so selling a range of different options could be a lucrative way of kickstarting your business. Think about the kinds of products you want to sell; are you looking at intricate makeup organisers or sensible stationary dividers?

Whatever you choose, ensure you find a reliable manufacturer of your private label products to ensure customers receive quality storage goods!

6. Personal grooming and health products

On top of cosmetics, the personal grooming and personal health products industry is also saturated with private label products. As with cosmetics, you will find many customers are looking for niche products, like vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and organic.

These kinds of products can be found with suitable private labels and you can build a brand quickly around your niche! Conduct market research to find out the exact kinds of products your target market wants!

7. Electronics

A private-label electronics brand is a great business to start in the digital age! From wireless headphones and charging stations to charging cables and adaptors, everyone needs electronics these days.

Private labelling is very common in the electronics industry and you will be able to find a suitable private label business to supply the products you need easily!

On top of the electronics market comes the electronics and mobile phone accessories market which is also a great place to start selling private label products. From phone cases and straps to selfie sticks, phone and electronics accessories is a big niche to start selling private label products.

9 Private Label Products to Kickstart a Business

8. Packaged foods

The most common private label products you will come across will be store-brand products. When big supermarkets sell their own versions of popular products, like fizzy drinks, they generally outsource to a third-party manufacturer who will create the product for them.

If you're looking to start a private label business, a packaged food business could be a good place to start!

9. Supplements

And finally, supplements. A good private label brand to start could be a brand selling supplements and other health goods. Many people now use supplements to boost their health and your private label business could cater to their needs easily!

Look out for vitamins and mineral supplements as well as options like protein shakes and superfood powders.

Final thoughts

Starting your own private label brand can be an easy way to bring products to the market quickly and build your eCommerce business. Being a private label seller means getting to choose your products and adapting them to your market.

There is a tonne of products you can sell within your own private label business, including cosmetics, personal grooming, and packaged food products. Consider your niche before making decisions about products and remember to create good branding to build customer loyalty!

If you think private label products may be right for you and your own eCommerce business, why not get in contact with a private label business today to find out more!