How Can I Do Private Label Product Testing in Australia?


All products need testing which means someone has to test them. Most products go through a range of testing, including scientific product testing and testing involving product testers, like those in a home tester club.

Private label products need testing too. These could be sent out by market research companies who send free products to those on their product tester list, or those who have applied on product testing sites.

If you're wondering how you can do private label product testing in Australia, we're going to take a look in this article. We'll take a look at the way product testing works, why product testing takes place, and tips for trying out product testing. Take a look now to find out more.

What Are Private Label Products?

Private label products are created by manufacturers to be sold by a third party. They can be formulated in accordance with a brand's ideas, or they may be already formulated, which is then referred to as a white label product.

Many major brands utilize private label products due to their ease. These products mean that brands don't need to invest in product research and testing and can rely on a third party's expertise instead.

Some private label companies carry out exclusive product tests to ensure that products are suitable for the market and will work as intended when used. They may also send out free products to product testers and to the best product testing sites to ensure their products work on people too.

How can I do private label product testing in Australia?

What is Product Testing, Australia?

Product testing is essentially just testing a new product. Companies and brands usually employ marketing companies to send out free products to regular people to test products in exchange for an opinion. Some companies offer full-sized beauty products whereas others just offer free samples.

Product testers review products and give an honest opinion on how they think the product worked. This job is also done by social media influencers who review products and give their honest opinion through social media posts to their followers.

The reason that companies outsource to a review company is to get real and honest opinions on how the product actually works. Brands want to know that the products they create will work and will be loved enough by customers that they will incorporate them into their routine and inspire loyalty to the brand.

You can become a product tester in a few different ways including finding legitimate sites that offer free products for an honest review.

Why Do Private Label Businesses Need to Test Products?

Private label businesses need to test products for a few reasons. These include:

  • Regulations - Whichever country you're producing your goods in, there will be regulations that have to be met. For skincare, cosmetics, and hair care, you will likely need to meet stringent regulations before your product is allowed to market. Testing is done to ensure that these regulations are met by your product.
  • Safety - Along with regulations comes safety. Products need to be safe for human use and so they need to be tested. This kind of testing should come before any kind of product tester gets their hands on it for obvious reasons. Private label brands tend to offer this kind of product testing within their services.
  • Product planning - Cosmetic and skincare products are sometimes in danger of splitting. These products can be tested to check if any additional information is needed on the labeling to alert customers to these possibilities. This kind of product testing usually includes a stability test and ensures that your product will last on the shelf.
  • Quality - One of the major reasons that private label brands test their products is, of course, quality. Your clients and their customers aren't going to be happy if the product you have created for them is of poor quality, so it needs to be tested to ensure that it works and is worth keeping on the market.
How Can I Do Private Label Product Testing in Australia

Stages of Product Testing

Brands go through a number of phases when it comes to product testing. These include:

  • Pre-development testing - This kind of product testing happens on paper before the product has even been made. The idea is to list any obstacles you could encounter with this product. Is it likely to separate? Could it go off when living on customers' shelves? These are things that need to be considered before you even make your product.
  • Personal testing - After the product has become something that is sellable, it will need to be tested again. You can use this time to test it on yourself. Make sure it works how you want it to and be pragmatic with the way you evaluate it.
  • Closed testing - This next stage of testing is performed within your closed circle or network. This could be business employees or friends and family. Though these people may not be who you're choosing to sell to, they do not know how the product should work and will be able to give you honest opinions on the product they are testing.
  • Public testing - This stage is when you'll likely get the best feedback and be able to make the best changes and improvements to your products. You can either pay people for this service or you can send out free samples to regular people or social media influencers to get honest reviews.

These stages may differ depending on the kind of product you are creating and the kind of brand you have. For private label brands, some product testing may be done by the manufacturers while other product testing will be done by the brand selling the product.

Tips for Trying Out Product Testing Australia

Product testing sounds fantastic. You get to try out new products from your own home and write reviews. Indeed, you can even be paid for it, but it's not as easy as just getting a few free samples. To be successful, there are a few things you'll want to do.

We've listed a few of our tips to become a product tester in Australia.

  • Create an email address just for product testing - This is a really good way that you can ensure you don't miss anything. Create an email address that is solely used for your product testing efforts and regularly check your spam!
  • Find and sign up to a number of sites - There are quite a number of reputable review sites in Australia and it is a good idea to sign up for a few of them. While you'll never be able to participate in all of the product testing opportunities, signing up to a few sites gives you the chance to participate when and where you can.
  • Ensure you fill out all the personal information - This information is usually used by brands to ensure you fit their niche customer. Filling this out properly can help you to get to be part of product trials that suit you as a customer. This information will be taken during the application process.
  • Give your honest opinion - When you actually get a chance to product test, it is always essential that you give honest feedback. The brands that use product testers are looking to you to give them real feedback on how their product performs. Ensure that when writing reviews you are giving an honest review.
  • Be aware of scams - Always make sure to check out the site that you're signing up for. You should never have to pay to be a product tester and this should be a huge red flag! If the invitation appears too good to be true, this could also be a red flag.

Product testing is a lot of work. You need to actually test the product and you will have to write an honest review, it's not just about getting free full-sized products! Remember, you're helping the brand out!

How can I do private label product testing in Australia?

How to Test Skincare and Haircare Products

If you've successfully managed to become a tester for skin or haircare products, you're probably wondering the best way to do this. Skin and hair care products can be difficult to test but there are a few ways you can do it safely.

Before testing products for your skin and hair, always ensure that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients listed!

Below are a few tips for testing cosmetics using in-home usage testing samples.

  • Test products in isolation - When it comes to a skincare routine, it can be easy to just pile on different products and home that they work, but when you're testing a product, you need to be sure what that one product is doing for you. If you're testing a cleanser, ensure it is the only cleanser you're using, and space out products by a few weeks so make sure there is no overlap.
  • Give it enough time to work - Most product testers will tell you that they give products a least four weeks before reviewing. This is great if you're getting full-sized products but is a little more difficult if the brand only sends you a sample to test. If you can, give the product enough time to work before you give your feedback because it may take a few weeks for the magic to work!
  • Make notes along the way - This ensures that you've picked up on any issues you've had during the time you're using the product and it can help brands address any concerns. It also helps to ensure your review is well-rounded and includes as much detail as possible for brands to use.

If you have any adverse reactions to your test sample it is imperative that you stop using it immediately.

Why do Private Label Products Need to Be Tested?

As private label products are made to be sold by another brand under their name, quality is of the utmost importance to private label brands. Products that are created by private label brands need to be tested to ensure they meet regulations and safety measures, but also to ensure they can compete in the market.

Many brands use private label manufacturers because they allow brands to outsource their product development. This means brands don't need to have the in-house expertise to develop their products and can instead focus on other opportunities, like marketing and new product ideas.

As private label products aren't made in-house, brands may want to send out these new products to be tested to ensure they work for their customers and are of high enough quality to compete with other products of their like on the market.

Private label products tend to do well on the market and the in-house expertise of private label manufacturers means they tend to work pretty well but brands may choose to have them tested just to make sure their target customers actually like them!

Final Thoughts

Product testing is a great way to make a bit of money on the side and brands that use private label products tend to have their products tested to ensure that they meet the quality the market expects.

You can get in touch with brands or sign up to review sites to get free products sent to you for reviews. These sites are great for connecting brands to reviewers, though it is important to ensure that they are legit before signing up.

If you're considering using a private label brand to manufacture your products, why not check out our services. We offer a range of skincare and haircare products, as well as custom formulationsGet in touch today to find out more.

How Can I Do Private Label Product Testing in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved in product testing?

Product testing is a great way of making a little extra money and there are a few ways to do it. These include joining sites like Home Tester Club or getting in touch with brands. You can request free products and get involved in product campaigns by writing an honest review in return. Ensure that any sites you sign up to are legit and never pay to test a product.

Is product testing a legitimate job?

Many people actually product test as a job. It can be done from home and is easy to get involved with, though it is a lot of work. Though it seems like lots of fun, you'll need to properly test the product and give a thorough and honest review in return. You will need to build u trust with brands so that they come to you for reviews too. It may take a while to be able to make enough to live on but you can product test as a job.

What do you mean by product test?

To product test means to receive a product from a brand and test them to see how they work for regular people. It is part of a brand's efforts to make the product usable, useful, and safe for their customers and helps to inspire customer loyalty. Both regular people and social media influencers review products in exchange for honest reviews.

Are product testers paid?

Some product testers are paid and some test products simply to receive the product for free. It depends on what kind of products you're testing, who you're working with, and what kind of tests you're doing. You can be paid and make testing products your job, but you will have to work you're way up to this point.