How Influencers Can Help Grow Your Private Skincare Label


The world of social media can be a somewhat intimidating place to be, and you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of using it as a marketing tool. But, the truth is, social media is one of the best ways to get your private label's name out there and gain some traction. 

Marketing campaigns and the usual brand content across Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok can work to keep your current following engaged. But, seeking outside your usual circle and linking up with influencers can be a fantastic direction if you aim to branch out and reach new audiences. The digital marketing institute states that 49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations, meaning you're missing out on a large percentage if you don't consider influencer marketing. 

How Influencers Can Help Grow Your Private Skincare Label

In this article, we will cover the various ways enlisting influencers' help can help grow your private skincare label. We will take you through how to go about these interactions and how they will enhance your brand's image and following. 

What is An Influencer, and How Do They Help Brands? 

In case you aren't already familiar, an influencer is someone with an online reputation for promoting and creating content for a specific niche. So, generally speaking, a skincare influencer is someone with a large online following that speaks about their favourite skincare brands, products and routines. 

The way an influencer can help a brand is tremendous. If we think back to how we used to shop in department stores, a brand ambassador would ask us what we needed help with, and they would then take us through their recommendations with extensive advice to ensure we choose the best product for our needs. 

Now, if we need a product but aren't sure where to find it, we take it to Google and search "best cleanser for oily skin". Immediately we are swarmed with hundreds of results, including Youtube videos. Youtube is responsible for a lot of influencer content regarding the beauty industry, with millions of views amassed every month for different beauty categories. 

Now, we've found a video giving us a rundown of the best cleansers for oily skin, and the person in the video comes across as entertaining, trustworthy and reliable. So, we decided to subscribe and even follow them on Instagram. We also purchased one of the cleansers they spoke about in the video.

Imagine this on a large scale, with thousands of viewers influenced by the content creator's opinions and video. In a nutshell, this is what it means to be an influencer, and this is why this side of marketing is beneficial for any brands occupying beauty industry spaces. 

How Influencers Can Help Grow Your Private Skincare Label

How to Find Influencers to Represent Your Brand

As a private skincare label, you will likely have put a lot of thought into your product formulations, ingredient lists and brand ethos. Therefore, it is vital that you spend time selecting influencers to represent the brand who share the same views and morals as you and your company. 

For example, if you are a brand highly against animal cruelty and use vegan formulations, you won't want an influencer who promotes fur coats to represent you. Of course, anyone can use your products and put them in their vlogs, but if you're going to work with influencers and have them in your marketing campaigns, you should at least be on the same page. 

The best way to start your search is by using industry-specific hashtags. For instance; #cleanbeauty #acneskinproducts #naturalskincare. You will likely see many results from different brands and customers, but there will be influencers amongst your results that you can keep on your radar. You can also use specific influencer search tools to help make this process slightly faster. 

When you have a long list of influencers that have previously created content with these tags, you should then go through their social media accounts. Sometimes, influencers may change their content or may have posted things in the past that you don't want to be associated with, which is why it is crucial to check.  

Another critical point is not to get overly caught up in subscriber or follower counts. The real giveaway of how influential someone is online is by vetting their engagement. It is better to work with influencers with a loyal online following who actively comment, like and share their content than someone with a high follower count that doesn't engage with what they post. 

How to Use Their Platform to Your Advantage 

When looking at different influencer accounts, you should consider how your brand would fit amongst their content. If you have any ideas about marketing campaigns and how you would like to use influencers to promote your product line, it will help to see if you can envision the influencer in question on your page. 

Partnering with someone isn't just about the money and figures that could come with it, but making a relationship with someone who can really help you in this industry. Although you have created products and have a plethora of knowledge regarding skincare, it is important to remember that the influencer you want to work with will likely have this too.

So, think about the content you would like to create with them. For example, do you want to create tutorials that go in-depth on the ingredient benefits? Or, would you like to create relatable content for both accounts to strike a common ground between viewers? Whichever content creation you choose, make sure it is exciting! 

How Influencers Can Help Grow Your Private Skincare Label

How to Reach Out to Influencers

So, by now, you should have found a few influencers who create content your brand would fit well with. When you have a handful of accounts that interest you, the next step is to reach out.

Ideally, your email will answer every question they should have (within reason). Give an overview of your brand, why you feel their content aligns with your ethos and the details of the partnership you have in mind. Within this information, ensure you keep the email engaging and show that you have watched their content and know a lot about their online platforms, as the last thing you want to do is come across as ignorant.

Final thoughts

To summarise, influencer marketing is a credible side of running a cosmetics business in 2022. Many beauty and skincare lovers rely on the opinions of these authoritative figures and will turn to them for advice before making a purchase.

Therefore, dipping your toe into influencer marketing is a great way to reach out to new audiences and will likely lead to many people at least trying your product if their favourite influencer has given it a good review. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can influencers help brands?

Influencers are helpful to brands as they can create exciting and engaging content using the brand's products, introducing their product line and name to new customers whilst keeping them entertained in the process. 

How do influencers help promote products?

Influencers can promote products from businesses by including specific products in their content. Usually, brands want to work with influencers that make video content for platforms such as Youtube, Instagram or Tiktok and would like their products to be included as a recommendation. 

How do influencers attract customers?

Consumers are attracted to influencers' content and opinions when they seem genuine and passionate about what they are speaking about. Therefore, creative and exciting content featuring a brand that fits well with their tone of voice will usually come across well to customers making them more likely to engage with the influencer and brand.