How to Find a Skincare Manufacturer in Australia


Navigating your way through the skincare business is no easy task, and choosing the right manufacturer for your brand is a huge part of getting off to a good start. In addition, you will need to ensure they align with your goals and provide the natural ingredients you need to create the cosmetic products you want.

In this article, we will take you through the best ways to find contract manufacturing services in Australia to get the cosmetic manufacturing ball rolling in your skincare business.

How to Find a Skincare Manufacturer in Australia

What is a contract manufacturer? 

In case you aren't familiar, a contract manufacturer is a company hired by a business to make their products. Usually, this is a preferred manufacturing style for smaller businesses as it is more affordable and enables the brand to focus on other areas instead of factory hiring and being responsible for every product element.

It is important to note that contract manufacturing puts the brand in complete control of the final product. You will share your idea with the contract manufacturer, and as experts in their field, they will share their expert knowledge to create formulations and ingredient lists that align with your initial ideas. 

How to Choose the Suitable Contract Manufacturing Services 

Before we cover the different cosmetic manufacturing companies you can use, we will firstly let you know how you can make the best decision based on your personal goals and business target market. Below, we will take you through the various ways you can do this; 

Find a company that delivers your mission 

Suppose you have started a skincare business with the goal of making natural products consisting of organic ingredients. In that case, you will need to find a contract manufacturer service made up of dedicated professionals who can produce natural organic products that your clients will love.

How to Find a Skincare Manufacturer in Australia

Don't forget the packaging

The majority of contract manufacturers will deliver a full service that includes packaging the finished product. Therefore, if you plan to market your company to be sustainable and eco-friendly, you will need to ensure your manufacturer can provide you with this service before working with them. 

Price is important

This factor will depend on where you are at as a company. Most start-up companies will not have earned their good fortune yet, so finding a contract manufacturing service within their price range while still providing good quality products is essential. 

Remember, at first, your brand will likely only make a limited line of products, which will expand and grow along with your business's success. So, starting with a smaller contract manufacturer that you can afford at this stage in your career to provide you with high-quality products for your first launch will be a great stepping stone. 

Their education and experience matters

It can be challenging to determine which contract manufacturers are dependable. But, the best manufacturing services out there usually have years of experience as lab professionals, with education to back up their knowledge. This is important for you as the brand, as you need to work alongside someone who can bring your ideas to life while providing you with the knowledge you need to understand the ingredient list and functions of raw materials fully. 

The Different Skincare Manufacturer Australia

Of course, there is a multitude of Australian-owned manufacturer companies you could choose to work with. And the first thing you should do is look at this wide range to see if their existing formulations and ingredients would suit your brand and enable you to make the cosmetic products of your dreams. Below, we cover two we recommend looking into;

Australian private label

Australian private label are one of Australia's most reliable and well-researched manufacturing companies. They specialise in skin care, hair care, and lifestyle products. They use their ingredients to make natural cosmetics with some of the most high quality ingredients on the market. With 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care industry, they are a great option if you want to create high quality products that will make a strong impression on the beauty industry. 

Cawarra cosmetics 

Cawarra cosmetics is another leading manufacturer in Australia, and they pride themselves on making organic, natural, and unique products. With over 35 years of experience in the business, they have extensive knowledge of what it means to produce fully organic items. They specialise in body care, skin care, and personal care formulations. They work with their customers by listening to their concepts and educating them on the best route to go down. 

How to Find a Skincare Manufacturer in Australia

Final thoughts

The skincare manufacturing industry in Australia offers small businesses a goldmine of exciting products, bringing the brightest entrepreneur's ideas to life through innovative education and experience. As long as you choose a manufacturer that aligns with your brand's concept and is within your price range, you will be off to a good start!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I find a skincare manufacturer?

The first way to determine if a skincare manufacturer is good enough for you and your brand is to check their level of expertise. Next, you need to work with a manufacturing company that understands the industry and the best ingredients to make your products stand out. 

How do I set up a skincare line in Australia?

To set up an Australian skincare line, you should first become familiar with your demographic and understand the key elements of Australian skincare. Then, once you develop brand concepts and how you want to market yourself, you should officially register your business.

How much does it cost to manufacture a skin care product?

When working with a contract manufacturer to make customised products, you will usually decide upon a rate for a certain amount of product. Typically, contract manufacturers quote on a per unit basis, but other things may affect this price, such as packaging.