How to Increase Private Label Sales Through Customer Experience


Private label products are becoming more and more popular with eCommerce brands and if you've just started out selling private label products, you may be looking for ways to boost your sales. There are a number of ways to boost private label sales on your eCommerce site which we will explore here.

As the world moves into a new digital age, eCommerce is an incredibly lucrative industry and private label offerings sell well online. With customers needing fast delivery of quality items, private label products are perfect to sell online.

Boosting your sales of private label products will take a few dedicated steps, including enhancing the customer experience both online and offline, as well as ensuring quality in your private label lines.

In this article, we're going to be looking at the ways you can increase your sales of a private label line, as well as whether or not the private label market is for you and your business and some examples of easy to sell private label products. To find out more, keep reading now.

How to Increase Private Label Sales Through Customer Experience

Ways to increase sales of private label products

Increasing the sales of private label products is all about enhancing the customer experience. Private labels are lucrative and tend to sell well, even when the market conditions are bad, which means becoming a private label brand is in your best interest.

If you're looking for private label manufacturers to begin the process of developing your private label product lines, then check out our tips for boosting sales below to get ahead of the curve.

Private label sells well with a good checkout experience

eCommerce is all about ease and accessibility and so a complicated checkout process can put customers off buying your private label products. Ensuring that the process of checking out on your eCommerce site is imperative to a good experience on your website.

As an eCommerce retailer, you should also consider shipping costs and customer response to high costs. While good profit margins are good for your business, customers may be put off by higher delivery fees. Consider other areas where more profit may be made and keep delivery costs low.

Provide customer service for a boost in private label sales

Good customer service is essential to the customer experience. Ensure that your contact page is visible and easy to navigate so that customers know where they can find advice when things don't go as planned.

Private labels succeed because of customer loyalty and so showing your customers you care by responding to queries quickly, fixing mistakes, and helping them to access your products more easily will help to boost the sales of your private label brands.

Clear and accessible website navigation on your private label brand's site

There is nothing customers hate more than difficult to use websites. Like with the checkout process mentioned before, a slow and difficult to use website will lead to fewer sales as people exit the site and look for products elsewhere.

If you want to make sure your private label skincare products sell, you need to ensure that your website works seamlessly and is welcoming and open to customers of all digital abilities.

Inventory management to ensure your private label products are always available

There are many ways you can ensure your inventory management is good, including employing a 3PL to use inventory management software to keep track of everything or creating an in-house system. Good inventory management means that you're less likely to suddenly run out of stock or overorder products that are not selling.

Frequent out-of-stock products can put customers off from buying your private label products and so ensuring this does not happen is a good way to keep customers loyal. In addition, keeping track of which inventory sells well and which doesn't will be good for your business and help to push growth by investing in bestsellers over less-loved products.

How to Increase Private Label Sales Through Customer Experience

Strategizing your supply chain can ensure speedy delivery for your private label brand

In the digital age, people want instantaneous satisfaction from having ordered online, meaning you will need to ensure your delivery times are quick. You can do this by optimising your supply chain and ensuring that the picking, packing and distributing of your products is done efficiently and in good time.

You should also ensure that your returns process is easy and simple for customers to follow. Returns could fall under customer service and help to show that you care about what your customers think of your private label products.

Ensure the quality of your private label products is high

High-quality products keep customers coming back, and so you should always ensure that your private label contract offers you the highest quality products. Private label competition is high and you are competing with everything from store brands to custom formulations, meaning the products you put your own brand name on need to be perfect.

Customers expect quality from products created with private labelling and so you should always aim to meet this expectation and rectify any situation where good quality does not occur.

Is a private label product line right for you?

There are many reasons that people chose to go the private labelling route and it offers many benefits to a company. To find out some of the competitive reasons that so many retailers choose private labelling for their product idea, check out our list below.

  • Private label products are adaptable - One of the main reasons people love private labelling is because the products are adaptable to your company's values. You can take your idea to a private label manufacturer and watch as they build the product you designed, exactly to your specs. If there are any changes to your market or alterations needed with your product, then most private label manufacturers will help with product improvements to ensure the product continues to work for you.
  • Private labelling is easier - Private labelling is easier than employing in-house experts and a manufacturing operation, which is why a number of smaller businesses and newer companies use private labelling to start up. A private label program provides companies with the knowledge of a range of different experts employed by private label businesses to ensure their products work and undergo the correct product testing for each different industry.
  • Private labelling gives you control over production costs and more - Being in charge of the formulas and the packaging of your private label products means that you get to choose where you save and where you spend a little more. This means you can keep manufacturing costs to a minimum and reap the benefits of high-profit margins often found with private label products.

How to Increase Private Label Sales Through Customer Experience

Examples of private label business products to boost your sales

If you're thinking of getting into the private label market, there are a few products you should know about that tend to sell really well! Check out the list below to find out more.

  • Cosmetics and personal grooming - Everything from dedicated dry skin skincare products and curly hair products to deodorant and soaps can, and is usually made by private label companies. Skincare and hair care products are one of the most popular and best-selling private label products on the market.
  • Food - When you think of private label products, the first image you should see is store brands. Supermarkets all over the world have created their own versions of popular products, like fizzy drinks and potato chips, to compete with big national brands. Private label foods is a lucrative business.
  • Electronics - Private label goods like phone chargers and wireless headphones are always in popular demand and tend to sell as well as branded products. In addition, electronic accessories are also a huge part of the private label products market.
  • Pet foods - Like store brands of cola and tortilla chips, you can also find store brand pet food. Private label pet foods tend to be just as popular as big brand names because of their affordability and quality despite having the store name on them.
  • Clothing and shoes - If you're looking to break into the fashion market, private label clothes and shoes are a great way to get your own products to market quickly. Many clothing brands outsource their garment production and finding a reliable manufacturer to cater to your niche markets will not be difficult when it comes to private label clothing and shoes! It is important to stick within your market in clothing, as offering too much product diversity can be confusing for customers.

Final thoughts

When it comes to private-label goods, it is all about customer satisfaction. Enhancing your eCommerce business to ensure that the customer experience is a good one will help to boost your sales.

Changes to make could include ensuring that your website is easy to use and accessible, streamlining your supply chain for quick and cheap delivery, and ensuring you keep good track of your stock to stop products from being frequently out of stock.

If you think that private labelling might be right for you and your business, why not check out some private label manufacturers today to find out what they can do for you.