How to Start a Skincare Brand Using Private Label


A skincare line is the dream of many. With the innovations and technology of the modern world, it doesn't have to remain that way. When you know where to look, and the steps to take, entering the beauty market is entirely possible. 

Launching a beauty brand requires the mastery of several processes, from manufacturing the goods to developing the perfect marketing strategy. It can be a struggle to manage independently, which is why many entrepreneurs turn to cosmetics industry experts and private label companies.

Private labelling helps bring your own skincare line to reality, whether you want to sell homemade cosmetics, focus on green beauty, or improve the formulas of the existing products you've been working on.

It's now easier than ever to join the skincare world and become a leading brand. In this article, we talk you through how to start a successful skincare brand with the help of private label manufacturing.

Why Start a Skincare Brand Using Private Label? 

Building your brand is a super challenge for anybody just entering the global skincare industry. Many have tried and failed at launching a skincare business. It's tough to find a space for yourself amidst an already crowded skincare industry, with thousands of big names in existence. 

However, as practices and technology develop, exclusive products always have the potential to make their way to the shelves. The question is, how do you make it happen? 

Building a beauty business from scratch is a struggle. Turning to private labelling can help get the ball rolling on the journey to success. Joining forces allows you to create truly unique skincare products without doing it all on your own. 

Private label businesses are valuable in several ways, offering simple to complex solutions for your business venture. A 3PL business can provide guidance, education on basic skincare formulations and skincare product stability while handling the entire beauty manufacturing process for you.

Two further crucial factors include expertise and time-saving. 

How to Start a Skincare Brand Using Private Label


Many private label operations have a team of cosmetics and skincare experts behind them. For instance, Australian Private Label comprises research, development and quality managers with experience acquired over 15 years. Educational backgrounds include chemistry, safety science and formulation science. 

It's constructive for newbie skincare founders to take advantage of the knowledge and advice of others in the field. Alternatively, if you're a serial beauty entrepreneur, you can still benefit from sharing your thoughts and ideas to gather new opinions and perspectives before making all-important decisions.

Save time 

Possibly the most valuable purpose of seeking the services of a private label company is to save time and energy. Many people who decide to launch their own skincare line underestimate the magnitude of the entire process. 

Skincare lines need a dedicated manufacturing space to make and package the cosmetics, an eCommerce store that functions exemplary, strong customer service, and a marketing strategy that will bring customers.

With a team of experts in the background running the show for you, you can focus your time on new ideas, high calibre customer service, and managing your online store.

In a nutshell, it's a way to save time, money and ensure complete perfection of the products you eventually launch and sell.

How To Get Started

To power forward with your ideas for a skincare business, you should start by sourcing a private label brand that can nurture your goals. From there, you can begin your creative project and fast-track your ideas into real-world products. 

The following steps will help you get your skincare venture off the ground.

Identify your niche

The products you sell in your online store need to be the best in the business. To create custom products, you first need to identify the type of skincare product you want to sell. 

Start by figuring out precisely what it is you want to produce. Consider factors like where you want your brand to sit in the skincare world, the price category, and what you wish your skincare line to consist of. Do you want to sell the best facial oils, moisturisers or eye creams

Perhaps you want to focus on aging skin, problematic skin, or you might want to get an entirely natural beauty line started. You can also think about age, gender and skin tone. 

An excellent way to start a skincare line is to identify a market gap. In the constantly evolving skincare landscape, there is always a way to move forward, improve and come up with fresh ideas.

Decide on your skincare niche by pinpointing your ideal beauty customer and figuring out where there is demand. Make it your mission to cater to your target audience, whether that's with natural and organic products, cruelty-free products or vegan skincare products. 

Whatever skincare product formulation you choose, make it not only superior but relevant to your target audience.

How to Start a Skincare Brand Using Private Label

Know the beauty market 

Knowing what's out there isn't easy with so many skincare brands. You must conduct market research. 

New businesses need to know the competition to fully flourish, whether you want to join the indie beauty market or develop a luxury line. 

Study beauty trends, business and consumer interaction and educate yourself on the many successful beauty founders. There is a lot to learn from the skincare brands already thriving in a challenging industry.

To carry out the research, you can scroll the internet, keep updated with beauty news and check out the competition in your local area if you're a smaller, independent business.

You can price skincare products too to decide on a reasonable market range for your collection to sit.

To broaden your knowledge further, conduct primary research into your target audience. Surveys, questionnaires and focus groups gather essential information from potential skincare consumers. The information becomes indispensable as you gain first-hand knowledge of what your future customers want and need from your skincare brand.

Set up your online store

If you're going to start a skincare line, you need a business online presence.

Set up a brand website and your own online store, regardless of where you will base yourself. Create social media accounts and start to build a following as you introduce your brand to the world.  

You'll need a brand name, your own logo and a clear brand mission to form your identity. Your digital presence is essential in promoting your brand, building customer loyalty and enticing new customers to shop with you.

Find your private label skincare manufacturer

Once you've decided to go down the private label route, it's essential to find skincare manufacturers that are right for your brand. A successful skincare brand relies on good quality ingredients if you want your skincare consumers to use your products daily. Make sure you research private label companies' available ingredients and formulations. 

Another key consideration is ensuring that the ethical values of you and your chosen manufacturer match. For instance, if you intend to be a cruelty-free beauty brand, you should work with a manufacturer that doesn't test on animals. With aligned values, you assert your position in the beauty industry, solidify your brand's mission and follow your passion. 

Think about startup and maintenance costs too. When you're just entering the beauty industry, take advantage of the benefits offered to newcomers, such as low minimum order quantities, custom samples and reasonable shipping and fulfilment rates. 


Navigating the skincare industry is challenging, but a private label beauty manufacturing company can streamline the process. With the operations side taken care of, you can focus on growing a sustainable and thriving beauty business. 

Once you're happy with your private label skincare line, you might want to consider several other solutions that can help you to grow, like eCommerce automation, international selling tools and direct to consumer marketing. Overall, it makes your job easier!

Start skincare brand planning today, and before long, you'll have a newly launched skincare line that your customers love.