Top 10 Features To Have on Your Skincare Website


It is almost impossible to have a successful business in 2022 and not have a website. But have you ever wondered why some websites are more popular than others? Of course, there has to be an aesthetically pleasing level for many users, but there is more to it than just surface-level appearances.

In this article, we will take you through the most essential elements to have on your website to improve customer experience and generate more sales. We will focus specifically on websites for skincare businesses and what you should highlight about your brand to ensure your consumers can find the information they need.

Top 10 Features To Have on Your Skincare Website

Website features to consider

When updating or starting a website, there is no doubt that your brain will be thinking of all the possibilities and potential features to include. We have selected ten features that we feel will set your skincare business apart from competitors and show your customers that you are someone they can depend on.

User-friendly navigation

How often have you tried to use someone's website and struggled to find what you are looking for, eventually forcing you to give up? We've all been there, and as customers, it can be incredibly frustrating not to be able to find what you are looking for.

Therefore, having a simple website layout will ensure all customers can find the information they need. For example, you should have a clear header and menu bar at the top of your website so your customers can see your product section, about us, contact information and blog.

As the goal will likely be to drive traffic to your product section, make sure this part of your website is easy to use too. Skincare is a vast industry, with many different skin types to consider. With this being said, having a section for each skin type with products tailored to their specific skin concerns will be an excellent way to go and make their life much easier.

Be transparent with your product descriptions

So, your customers have ended up clicking on a product that claims to help uneven skin tone and texture. When they get to the product page, you should have a clear product description that takes the user through the ingredients, directions and benefits of using the product.

Being completely transparent will show that you are trustworthy and make your website come across much more professional than brands that don't openly disclose information surrounding their products.

Don't be afraid to get creative with interactive elements

There is no doubt that customers love personalised elements and ways that they can try out products. While this isn't wholly possible through online services, the beauty industry has figured out a way to counteract this.

Virtual try-ons have risen in popularity this year, with the likes of Dior offering customers a way to try on specific products by turning on their webcam or smartphone camera. While you won't be able to provide this as a skincare brand, you will be able to offer other types of interaction.

The INKEY List does this well by offering customers a way to build their perfect skincare recipe. This interaction aims to get to know the user and suggest products based on their answers, ensuring they choose the best products to purchase that will help them achieve healthy skin.

So, if you already have a website and feel that you're not gaining enough traction or interaction, putting interactive measures in place that help customers understand which products will actually work for their needs may be the feature that does the trick.

 Top 10 Features To Have on Your Skincare Website

Promote your deals

This may be surprising, but pushing your deals is one of the best things you can do to create an incentive for your customers to stay on your page and continue shopping. In fact, there is even a 'continue shopping sign' that you can choose to include.

If you spend some time looking at your competitors and big skincare brands, you will quickly notice that many of them have a deals sign, a free gift virtue and the latest exclusive discount sign at the top of their page. The truth is, everyone loves a bargain, and when your customers see that there is a chance to receive free samples or get money off their order, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

You will need to ensure that these deals work throughout your site, with functions such as 'gift added automatically' and 'offer valid' to let your customer know that they are getting what was sold to them.

Have solid call to actions in place

Leading on from our previous point, you will need functions that are easy to locate, use and activate throughout your entire website. We are referring to functions such as a 'Pay securely' page, automated pop-ups for notifications for incorrect details such as 'not a valid email' and 'quick buy' functions.

You will notice most of the above points were regarding the checkout and payment process, and there is a good reason for that. Having a secure and foolproof payment and checkout system is fundamental to running a professional website. Many customers would not return or go through with their order if this system didn't seem trustworthy and efficient.

Include a blog section

Although the purpose of your business is to generate a profit, it is essential to remember that the reason you started your brand was to provide customers with great skincare. Therefore, while your product descriptions and about sections may contain information, many customers will want a more in-depth talk-through of current trends and skincare items they should check out.

So, starting a blog that gives customers a glimpse into the process of different products and why they work the way they do will be hugely beneficial. Answer the questions they need answers to! For example, why is hyaluronic acid so popular? What should I put in my beauty bag this summer? Is a foaming cleanser better than a gel? There is much to think about.

Top 10 Features To Have on Your Skincare Website

Keep the main sections of your website short and simple

It is crucial that you include all of the essential information in your blog and product descriptions, but other sections of your site should be short and easy for consumers to follow. For example, a user should be able to basket items with a click of a button and then choose to continue shopping or go straight to checkout.

Keep branding consistent

We briefly stated that your website should be aesthetically pleasing for your customers, and the best way you can do this is by keeping your branding consistent throughout. Of course, it is to be expected that you will want your product pages to be the most important aspect of your site, but having a home page will draw new customers in due to its aesthetics.

Branding should be one of the first steps you consider when creating a business and brand identity, and you will likely already know which colour schemes you want to choose. Keeping a consistent theme through texts, colours, professional photos and tone of voice will help customers get a better idea of what your brand represents, giving them more reason to connect with you and buy into your brand.

Offer mailing list exclusives and connections

If you think of your website as a way to grow a supportful community that wants to join your tribe and find the best skin care products, you should emphasise that you have a mailing list and a connect with us section where you include your social media assets.

Mailing list exclusives can include a range of promotions, from early access for exclusive brand releases, top discount promo codes and the chance to quantity pre order. This is a great way to get customers invested in your brand and business, making them more likely to purchase a second time. 

Top 10 Features To Have on Your Skincare Website

Include marketing campaign videos and testimonials

We can't deny the importance of reviews. They are a massive part of online shopping and are essential to helping customers decide if they would like to go through with a purchase. Going hand in hand with your branding, you should include marketing campaign videos with your products to excite consumers.

While marketing campaigns are exciting and help customers to discover more about your brand, video testimonials are a powerful version of a review that will include a real life account based on how a product has been a game changer for someone. This is highly beneficial and should be used on selected products you would like to promote, such as your latest release or best seller. 

Final thoughts

To summarise all the above points, your website needs to be accessible with easy-to-use functions while showcasing your branding and business to the highest level. In addition, having a foolproof system that allows customers to add items to their basket and pay securely is extremely important. At the same time, you should also put max quantity, terms and conditions and while stocks last in place to ensure customers have all the information they need when purchasing from your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of a skincare product?

The best skincare products should feature high-quality ingredients with no artificial scents suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Focusing on biological, marine and botanical extracts is an excellent way to achieve the above points. 

What should be included in a beauty website?

All beauty websites should have features that show what makes them unique, focusing on branding and style. Looks aside, your beauty website should have fast load features to ensure it is easy for your customers to use and navigate. 

What is the most in-demand skincare product?

2021 saw moisturisers and face creams remain the top-selling skincare products, while Australia also saw a considerable rise in serums due to trending ingredients such as Vitamin C and Niacinamide.