Top 8 Inspirations for Private Label Makeup Packaging


For many customers, the package or label is the first thing they see, so it's important to make a big impact. And for private label cosmetics companies, it's no different— in fact, it might even be more critical to consider how your packages can entice buyers most effectively! As private label cosmetics become more popular and widespread, making your product stand out among the competition is key.

To do so, you need to come up with a great design for the outer layers of your skincare product, and consider all the angles. From package types to typography, colours to custom fonts, read on for our top tips and inspiration for creating your own brand packaging as a private label company!

Top 8 Inspirations for Private Label Makeup Packaging

What Is Private Label Cosmetics Packaging?

At its heart, the process of cosmetics company packaging is simply to contain the product and be able to ship it from suppliers to buyers easily. But the type of skin product you want to sell and the overall business brand that you want to portray does change the package formula somewhat. But before any labels can be printed, it all starts with the container your product goes into.

The most common options for private label companies to pack their makeup line products include:

  • Airless bottles.
  • Cosmetic pots.
  • Cosmetic pen containers.
  • Compacts.
  • Droppers.
  • Jars.
  • Liquid dispensers.
  • Pumps.
  • Sprays.
  • Squeeze tubes.

And the way you package and brand each type necessarily can change, given different surface areas, shapes, and sizes. So, it's important to consider the very base of what private label makeup packaging entails before getting carried away with the creative aspect. Plus, there are many layers to actual product packages to keep in mind— from the container itself to inner and outer packaging!

8 Beauty Industry Packaging Trend Inspirations for Your Private Label Cosmetics Company

If you have no idea where to start when trying to come up with a design for your private label cosmetics company, don't worry— you are in the right place. 

After all, determining what your customer base wants and how it could represent your business is not just a concern for formulating cosmetic products themselves, but also for how you present those items for sale. So, read on for X of the best inspirations for private label packages that are currently on the market today!

1.  Black and White

You can't go wrong with a classic, and the combination of black and white is a formula that has served cosmetics products and brands on the market for many, many years. This option does not need to be boring, either.

While black and white are still the base colours, add some subtle shading around the patterning with graphite, charcoal, or cream colouring and you suddenly have more depth and dimension that pops! Plus, mostly black packaging does add a touch of class and luxury to any private label cosmetics manufacturer.

2.  Bold Patterns

If you want your cosmetics to make a splash on the shelves or when searching online, then big, bold patterns could be the way to do it. Consider large geometric designs or colourful stripes crisscrossing the entire product, and you might see why bold patterns are a great option for many skincare products.

A big trend in recent years is irregular or asymmetrical designs that recur all across the package, drawing the eye. And depending on the colours and shapes used, this can be toned down or scaled up, as your brand identity requires.

3.  Clean Line Drawings

There's something satisfying about the crispness of an intricate line drawing, particularly is it's paired on a blank background with a neutral fill. But that doesn't mean the drawing or the lines themselves need to be boring— try out some vibrant colours for your main brush strokes and see how they pop against a plain setting.

When it comes to what the line drawing portrays, the sky is the limit! Think about what visuals fit with your cosmetics company and beauty products in particular, and brainstorm from there. Consider vegetation like flowers, leaves, fruit, or trees; animals or birds; or even intricate patterns. These designs have the opportunity to be both timeless and delicate, geometric and elegant.

Top 8 Inspirations for Private Label Makeup Packaging

4.  Create Custom Fonts

Catching the eye of the beholder is a key factor to getting them interested in your product and making a sale, and it's no different for private label cosmetics companies. And for many viewers, a bold font makes it easy to get their attention.

Not only do big, bold fonts stand out on packages, but if you create a custom font for your brand, it's a great way to differentiate your products from the rest of the beauty industry and competitors. 

The tone carried by custom font styles also differs— cursive is delicate and feminine, while typewriter lettering is bold and edgy. You can create an instinctive aesthetic by using retro-style lettering or hieroglyphic-inspired fonts, depending on what you want to convey through the look of the words themselves.

5.  Dark and Moody

If you want your product lines to have some gothic or alternative vibes, then consider using dark colours, geometric shapes, and over-saturated florals. 

The combination of red and black will always be a classic, especially if you lean into a moody aesthetic for marketing. Alternatively, use specific neons to foster an otherworldly sensation, like dark purple, greens, and teals in conjunction with deep black tones.

6.  Earthy Florals

Embracing a natural aesthetic can really work for some private-label cosmetics brands, depending on the visual imagery that appeals to both the company and the buyer. 

Consider lush floral coverage in the design, with warm and earthy colours, and perhaps some hints of shiny gold for an ethereal garden sensation. 

Leaves, fruits, and parchment or linen colouration are another great combination, and can provide a feeling of lushness. Tapping into garden or nature imagery is a classic branding formula for a good reason!

7.  Minimalist and Modern

For some manufacturers, minimalism is all the rage these days. From one-colour packaging across an entire range of cosmetics to a simple container with just a typography label, creating a modern aesthetic is can be a big selling feature for suppliers. 

Consider clean lines, matching typefaces, and monochrome colours— they don't clutter the face of the product, and suggest that such cosmetics can virtually sell themselves, based on their quality instead of attention-grabbing boxes.

8.  Vintage-Inspired

Don't be afraid to tap into the glamour of previous eras and channel some good old-fashioned beauty production. 

Think of movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, or put yourself back in the 1920s when flappers and rouge were all the rage. Retro-inspired packages are typically font-heavy with plenty of colours, including pink, red, and other warm tones. Add some images with pinup girls or victory rolls, and your skincare product transformation to another time is complete!

How To Choose Product Packaging for Your Private Label Cosmetics Company

Before you print labels or start creating marketing campaigns for your newest production masterpiece, it's important to assess how product branding and packages fit into your private label cosmetics company image. 

It's much easier to make changes to your cosmetics line packaging and even during the manufacturing process before it's retail ready, so make sure to finalise all key decisions before showing available options to potential customers.

Top 8 Inspirations for Private Label Makeup Packaging

Define Before You Design

Prior to putting pen to paper and starting to draw up the ideas for your package design, sit back and think about who will be searching for and buying your private label products. What is the target audience that will be seeding your beauty products through an online search or in a store setting?

Designing with consumers in mind is a good manufacturing practice in general, as it undoubtedly changes the aesthetics of your skincare products' packaging. Men interested in a high-quality face lotion are likely drawn to a different design style than a working mother buying a lotion with the same formula!

Capture Your Company’s Essence

Product packaging is often the first thing that potential customers encounter when finding your skincare line for the first time, so it's important to craft the essence of both your company and your own brand well. 

All private label cosmetics companies should ask themselves— what is our image, tone of voice, and identity? These aspects should all be captured in the packaging for cosmetics products as an integral "first look" at your business.

Where Will You Sell?

Selling a skincare line at an industry trade show is very different from setting up at a farmer's market or logging into an online storefront. 

So, depending on the primary mode of sales, you might need to change your package branding— do some research on what visually sells in each scenario, and what will grab consumers' attention before you launch your brand to the world.

How Much Will You Sell?

There are two primary considerations with how much stock you might be offering. 

First, you don't want to create a packaging design for a very extensive range of cosmetic products that is time-consuming to manufacture. Even if using a private label manufacturer, packaging still takes time, and you don't want to sacrifice lower quality products for the time spent developing packages to still meet a minimum order quantity!

Second, it's important to consider packaging for samples. Many manufacturers and businesses simply scale down their normal packaging for a sample size, but perhaps you want to do something a little different to make your cosmetics company stand out when customers inevitably request samples.

Make a Mood Board

When in doubt, set up a mood board! And don't just limit yourself to brainstorming about one product line in your brand— don't be afraid to analyze your entire range and private label cosmetics company itself. 

Pin up colour choices, visuals that inspire you, advertisements from other great companies, and even keywords for the type of cosmetics you want your own brand to be.

Information for Government Regulations

Of course, packaging does have some legal requirements that must be shown for all skincare line products, under specific government cosmetic regulation. These can include showing ingredients, flavours and fragrances, drug or medicinal components, and expiration date.

You should also consider advertising any further product information on the package, such as being cruelty-free, vegan, locally sourced, or using organic ingredients. It just helps customers understand exactly what your beauty products entail.

Top 8 Inspirations for Private Label Makeup Packaging

Think About Marketing

Brands in any industry need to consider marketing, and private label products are no different. From promoting stock options to launching a range of new products, think about how you might market specific packaging and reach a wider target audience. 

The best cosmetics packaging ideas will be easily-marketable and won't need too much additional effort to get people excited about them!


Crafting the right visual aesthetic for your private label cosmetics is just as important to a business as making the formulas or picking the right private label cosmetics company to manufacture them. 

So, make sure to take your time, test various ideas, and make the necessary tweaks until you find the perfect design to represent your brand and business!