15 Best-selling Trending Private Label Products

Thinking of going into a new business? A business that can boost your income? You are probably here because you need some ideas to brainstorm on. Well, we have an idea for you. Have you heard of private labels products?

Private label products are products that are manufactured specifically for the retailer, which in this case would be the business owner. These products will carry the name and label of the business owner. In order words, you are starting your brand! It's so easy to start your own business these days.

You can check out this article to know how profitable the private label business is compared to dropshipping. There are numerous private label products that you can make money off of.

Private label manufacturing companies are companies that help you manufacture the products you want to sell. Different private label companies manufacture whatever product you plan to sell.

Now that you have an idea of what private label products are and the people who manufacture them, let us proceed. This article will show you 15 trending private label products that sell really well in 2021. You can decide on what to sell from this list. We hope you find it helpful.

  • Skincare Products

With the current craze going on in the beauty industry, it would be a no-brainer to tap into this goldmine. People can be highly motivated when it comes to looking and feeling good, and would readily spend a lot of money to achieve this. You can contribute to helping them achieve this dream.

There are different aspects of skincare that you can venture into. Depending on what your interest is, you can choose from the following:

  • Men’s skincare
  • Organic skincare
  • Haircare
  • Vegan Skincare

There are many more you can pick from, it is a very large industry. If you are looking for a private label skincare manufacturer, you can check out Australian Private Label. They manufacture a wide range of skincare products. Some of the skincare products they produce include:

  • Hair Care products
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers
  • Face cleansers
  • Eye creams
  • Body Washes
  • Face Scrubs/ Masks
  • Beard oil

These skin care products can be made to suit any skin type depending on your preferences. You can check out the wide range of skincare products that APL offers here.

  • Supplements

People care a lot about their health but because of their busy schedules and modern life, there is really not enough time to put into healthy eating, so they opt for food supplements to make sure that their body is nourished even though they are not eating healthy. 

There is also the fitness craze, you can make money from selling protein shakes, coffee replacements and all. The Australian Private Label is also a great choice if you are looking for a private label company to help you manufacture supplements. They produce a wide range of food supplements that include:

  • Super green and green tea extract powders
  • Burner Whey Powder
  • Wheatgrass Powder
  • Spirulina Powder

You can check out their catalogue of food supplements here.

  • Cosmetics

This is another entry from the beauty industry. You shouldn’t be surprised because the beauty industry is a very lucrative one with many niches. The possibilities are endless!

Make a research on the makeup industry and pick the products you would like to manufacture and go for it.

  • Clothes

Clothes are a necessity. There are numerous clothing items that you can manufacture. Dresses, Jeans, Maternity wear, Athletic wear and much more.

Be sure not to order too much of everything at once. You should pick a niche and then you can expand to a whole clothing line from there. 

  • Work-out Equipment

Again with the fitness craze. More people are obsessed with living a healthy and active lifestyle, so they are investing in workout materials and things that can help make the lifestyle easier. Things like water bottles, yoga mats, exercise bands, athletic clothes.

Carry out research on the different sports or activities that people are involved in and sell products that they actually need.

  • Storage Products

The minimalist interior decor trends are calling for a rise in the demand for organizational containers. People are looking for fun, artistic ways to decorate their homes while using them to organize their homes. Think of fun items that you can make for kitchens, bedrooms, offices and all. 

  • Electronics

No, we are not asking you to manufacture televisions or things like that. We are talking of mini electronics that people make use of daily. Things like earphones, chargers, mini fans, led lights and other things like that.

  • Toys

Who said that you had to cater for adults only? Children's toys are also a profitable business. Also, you can sell cute stuffed animals, dollhouses, baby items, pet toys and many more.

  • Food and Snacks

Yes, you can sell different kinds of food and snacks. It can fall under the health and wellness niche. There are numerous eating diets and preferences. For example, you can sell delicious keto snacks or vegan snacks. Think of the eating preferences and come up with something creative for them.

  • Home decor items

If you are interested in interior decoration, then you might want to consider starting a whole interior decor line. You can also include furniture, art, and other decor items in this line.

  • Camping Equipment

This market is already saturated but you can come up with a creative tool that solves some camping issues. If you are not looking to create a one-of-a-kind product, then you might want to start with a smaller camping equipment niche.

  • Phone Accessories

We are in a technologically advanced era, almost everyone has a phone and more people are buying phones every day. From decorative items to protective items, the phone accessory market is a very versatile and lucrative one.

  • Shoes

Shoes are not a bad idea, because they are also products that people use regularly. But the problem with this market is that it is easy for a new business owner to get carried away and order a lot of shoes that they might become stuck with. So carry out adequate research before venturing into this business.

  • Travel Accessories

People are travelling a lot now despite the pandemic. So you can take advantage of this and start a travel accessory line. You can manufacture things that help make packing or travelling more convenient. Things like refillable perfume bottles, refillable shampoo bottles, cute bags and things like that

  • Cleaning Products

This is another lucrative niche, you can start a cleaning products line. Cleaning is something that everyone does, people clean their house, cars, offices and everywhere. You can decide to make your products unique by adding new fragrances or even new cleaning products. This is a business that does not require a lot of money to start, so you don’t have to bother about raising a huge capital. Brainstorm and make your decision!

Remember, a successful business is built on good research. Be sure to research the market you want to go into first.