Choosing A Private Label skincare Manufacturer


How To Select The Best Private Label Company For Your Skincare Brand

So you've decided to start your skincare brand. Congratulations on passing the first step to becoming an entrepreneur - deciding on what you want to do. Now, the next step to becoming a skincare entrepreneur is finding a private label skincare manufacturing company that suits you and your brand.

There are a lot of things that you would need to look out for before making your decision. As a matter of fact, partnering with the right private label manufacturer can be very instrumental in the success of your new business.

Of course, every private label manufacturer you find would claim to be the best, but the decision is solely yours to make. And in making that decision, you need to find a private label manufacturing company that aligns with your beliefs and that can help make the dreams you have for your company a reality. It’s a new business! You need a partnership that would be beneficial to you.

The bedrock of every successful partnership is honesty and trust - Keep this in mind as you begin your quest to choose a private label skincare manufacturer. A reliable and trustworthy private label skincare manufacturer would ensure that your new line of skincare products makes good sales when it is launched.

But that’s just a tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other things to look out for before making your decision. And in this list below, you’ll find tips that’ll help make your decision-making process easier and more accurate.

Tips For Choosing a Private Label Skin Manufacturer

1.  Certifications

Any private label skincare manufacturing company that you would like to work with must have all the necessary certificates needed to run a manufacturing line. They need to have certificates that authenticate the safety of the products they manufacture.  They also need certificates that verify their manufacturing facility and standards of the manufacturing practice.

For example, one of the basic certificates that you should look out for is a GMP certificate. A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate is a certificate issued by the Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA) in Australia. This verifies that such a company manufactures products that do not cause any harm to people.

If you would like to include certain tags on your products like "Halal", "Cruelty-Free" or "Vegan", you would also want to verify that your private label skincare manufacturing company has certificates that allow you to do that. If they do not have certificates that approve the use of these tags, then they cannot be used on your products.

This is a good starting point in your decision-making process because working with a company that has all the necessary certifications would help you feel more relaxed and assured of quality products.

2. Pricing

After verifying their authenticity by making sure that they have all necessary certificates, you may now proceed to ask about the product price. It is important to know this before making a final decision. You must confirm that the total cost of production is within your budget.

Ask about the retail price margins. Will you make enough profit to surpass the price of production? Is the profit margin suitable for you? You want to ask about any hidden charges and any additional costs like shipping fees and storage fees.

There are always other costs that come with the manufacturing process. Ask about what the minimum number of production is. Do you need less or more than the minimum requirement? Ask these questions!

These questions are important because you’d be launching a new, unique product, and you cannot foresee how well it would do in the consumer market. You don’t want to be stuck with a lot of products and wasted money. So, you need to ensure that you understand every detail so there are no surprises and you can work within your budget.

3. Is The Formula Exclusively Yours?

This is the next vital question to ask a private label skincare manufacturer. If you’re going to be coming up with your formula for your products, you might want to make sure that the formula is exclusively yours.

This is not only so that your product is one-of-a-kind, but also in case if the manufacturing company should close for some reason, you would still have your formula and maintain the quality of your products.

When you don't have exclusive rights to the product formula and the company shuts down, you would have to make adjustments that might tamper with your product quality.

4. Confirm Raw Material's Quality and Source

It is important to confirm the quality of raw materials that will be used in manufacturing your skincare products. Knowledge of the quality of raw materials that are used in producing your skincare will allow you to fix a price for your products accordingly.

This depends on what price range you want your skincare brand to fit into. For example, high-quality raw materials will be used to produce luxury items that cost more money. So, you can charge higher for them.

Low-quality raw materials tend to have a shorter shelf life. So, the last thing you want is to have a lot of expired products that just wouldn't sell. Knowledge of the quality and source of the raw material will prevent you from making decisions that can can make you lose money

5. Check That All Raw Materials Are Legal

You must confirm that the materials used in manufacturing your products are legal in the state or country that you want to sell them. For example, certain products are confirmed safe and legal in Europe and other parts of the world but they are banned in the United States.

If you would like to ship your products internationally, then this is a requirement that you must adhere to. You can’t afford for these boundaries to be placed on the expansion of your business.


These are just a few of all the features a reliable private label skincare manufacturer should have. If you are looking for a private label skincare manufacturing company to work with, you should check out the Australian Private Label.

APL is a customer-friendly company that puts the interest of the customers first. We possess every qualification that you need to successfully make any skincare product. We do not practice animal testing, and our company adheres strictly to environmental safety laws.

You can reach out to us to answer any questions that you might have.

We look forward to working with you!