Comfrey Leaf Cut Dried Herb - Symphytum Officinale

Comfrey Leaf Cut Dried Herb - Symphytum Officinale

What is Comfrey Leaf Cut Dried Herb?  

Cultivated as a healing herb as early as 400 BCE, comfrey is known to help speed up wound healing by encouraging the formation of new tissue due to its allantoin content. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties which can further aid in wound healing and is found in treatments for everything from ulcers to bruises and sprains to joint inflammation.

What are the benefits of Comfrey Leaf Cut Dried Herb?

There are a number of benefits of adding comfrey to skincare products. These include:

  • Wound healing properties
  • Hydrating and moisturising
  • Naturally exfoliating
  • Protecting 
  • Soothing for the skin

Are comfrey leaves good for the skin?

Comfrey is frequently used in anti-aging skincare products due to its allantoin content which can help with the growth of new skin cells. It is known to reduce the signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines, and is a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce redness in the skin. It may also soften the skin.

Is comfrey leaf good for hair?

Comfrey is considered a good ingredient for hair growth. This is because of its content of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that is thought to stimulate hair growth by replenishing the skin. It also has properties that help to soften the hair and boost the health of the scalp, reducing dryness and irritation, and improving overall hair health.

Is comfrey good for acne?

With both wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, comfrey is a great ingredient for acne-specific skincare treatments. The wound healing properties of comfrey help to treat breakouts while the anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce redness and irritation caused by acne breakouts.

What are the ingredients?

INCI: Symphytum Officinale 

Ingredients: Symphytum Officinale Leaves

Format: Dried Herb Extract


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