Davidsons Plum Powder Australian Native Extract - Davidsona Pruriens

Davidsons Plum Powder Australian Native Extract - Davidsona Pruriens

What Is Davidsons Plum Powder Australian Native Extract?

Davidsons plum powder is a purple powdered substance that derives from ground plums. This fruit is part of the anthocyanin group that contains plenty of anti-oxidants. Plums are said to provide anti-ageing benefits that plump the skin to make it look fresh. You can mix the powder with your favourite cosmetic product to see the magic transform your skin. 

What Are the Benefits of Plum Powder Australian Native Extract?

Plum powder has many ingredients that can detoxify and hydrate your face. Here are some benefits of using plum powder Australian native extract: 

  • Contains high levels of Vitamin C to treat acne
  • Oxidant components help smooth out wrinkles 
  • Brightening properties that reduce dark under-eye circles
  • Anti-bacterial agents can banish bacteria from the skin 
  • Vitamin E helps to prevent sun damage and inflammation 

How Do You Make Davidson Plum Powder?

The first step you need to do is dehydrate the plums. You can then grind them in a coffee grinder to get that fine powder. This powder should be dark purple or resemble the colour of beetroots. Store the powder in containers and put it in the fridge for future usage. 

Is Davidson Plum Good for Skin?

Davidson plum powder has plenty of skin benefits that range from anti-ageing properties to brightening ingredients. Vitamin C offers a radiant glow that gives your face that healthy, glowing appearance. Just simply mix it with some hydrating cosmetic products.

How Do You Use Davidson Plum Powder Extract?

You can combine the powdered extract with your favourite skincare product. Face or body lotions are a good choice for creating your own mixture. Plum powder extract is also great for mixing in smoothies or protein drinks that benefit your health.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Davidsona Pruriens

Ingredients: Davidsonia Jerseyana Fruit Extract

Format: Powder Australian Native Extract


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