Desert Lime Powder Australian Native Extract - Citrus Glauca

Desert Lime Powder Australian Native Extract - Citrus Glauca

What Is Desert Lime Powder Australian Native Extract?

Desert lime is a highly resilient sour fruit that contains phenolic antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein. These ingredients make it perfect for de-ageing your skin. The fruit is harvested in Australia to create a fine, green powder with a sour scent. You can mix this powder with any product in your skincare regime, as it works to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

What Are the Benefits of Desert Lime Powder?

People use desert lime powder in both skincare products and meals. It’s great for your body in general and can wipe out nasty bacteria. Here are some other benefits of desert lime powder:

  • Vitamin C will rejuvenate and tone the skin 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties can soothe pimples
  • Ingredients may boost collagen production 
  • Vitamins can rescue dark spots on your face
  • Antioxidants prevent pigmentation from sun damage

How Do You Use Desert Lime Powder?

You can mix desert lime powder with body lotions or face moisturizers. This should help promote the physical results of glowy skin. Creating your own desert lime face mask could also be an option. Just make sure to do a patch test beforehand when mixing products.

What Is Desert Lime Good For?

Desert lime powder extract can be really good for your skin. The vitamins work to enhance your skin and bring out a natural glow. Anti-inflammatory properties will contribute to more clear skin that isn’t congested with redness, pimples or uneven bumps. 

Where Are Desert Limes Usually Found?

This particular fruit derives from the regions of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. It’s a native powdered extract that cultivates in coastal rainforests. Desert limes usually grow as small trees or shrubs that have long, spiky branches.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Citrus Glauca

Ingredients: Citrus Glauca Fruit Extract

Format: Powder Australian Native Extract


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