Lavender Liquid Extracts - Lavandula Stoechas

Lavender Liquid Extracts - Lavandula Stoechas

What Is Lavender Liquid Extract?

Lavender liquid extract derives from a diluted solution of crushed lavender flowers. It contains lots of healthy nutrients that lighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and prevent acne-related problems. Some people use lavender extract to improve their hair growth and ease digestive bowel movements. You can use lavender in hair care, skin, baking, and general health products. 

What Are the Benefits of Lavender Liquid Extract?

A diluted, liquid-based version of lavender can be mixed with many products in your everyday regime. Here are some benefits of using lavender liquid extract:

  • Vitamin A helps the healing process of spots
  • Phenolic compounds protect the skin’s barriers
  • Calcium makes your face appear more radiant
  • Anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin 
  • Vitamin C lightens age-related pigmentation 

Is Lavender Liquid Extract Good for Scars?

Yes, lavender liquid extract has lightening minerals that reduce the appearance of scars. Vitamin C is one of those minerals that minimises pigmentation, deepened scars, and age-related dark spots. You can mix the extract with your favourite skin care product. 

Is Lavender Extract Good for Pimples?

Lavender liquid extract has anti-inflammatory properties that heal acne and reduce redness from the irritation. Some people like to combine this liquid extract with a soothing face mask. You could even add lavender to your face wash and use that every morning and night.

Does Lavender Liquid Extract Lighten Your Skin?

Vitamin C and calcium can both make your skin appear brighter and radiant. They have brightening properties that eliminate pigmentation or acne scars. If you want to relish those benefits, dilute the liquid extract with your chosen product and rub that on the dark areas.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Lavandula Stoechas

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Lavandula Stoechas Flower/Stem Extract

Format: Glycerine-Based Liquid Extract