Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs - Urtica Dioica

Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs - Urtica Dioica

What Is Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs?

Nettle leaf cut dried herbs derive from the nourishing perennial flowering plant. People often think about the stinging nettle, but this extract is perfectly safe. Instead of stinging your skin, the dried herbs treat acne and regulate natural sebum production. You can mix the dried cut nettle leaves with face washes, body lotions, shampoo treatments, and soothing cleansing milk. 

What Are the Benefits of Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs?

Dried nettle leaves are completely versatile and can strengthen any skin care product. Here are some amazing benefits of using nettle leaf cut dried herbs:

  • Vitamin C reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Magnesium can help minimise acne breakouts
  • Vitamin D protects your skin against sun damage 
  • Antioxidants eliminate free radicals on the face
  • Sterols help soothe dry and irritated skin 

Are Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs Good for Dry Skin?

Yes, nettle leaves have calming properties that rehydrate your skin. They can also soothe inflammation due to painful acne breakouts, so it may be worth combining the herbs with a face mask. The sterols in nettle dried herbs usually eliminate dry patches on your face. 

Is Nettle Good for Eczema?

Stinging nettles have been used for years to treat eczema and painful skin. Both magnesium and sterols work to protect your skin from severe dryness. If you want to experience a more soothing feeling, mix the cut dried herbs with a hydrating treatment to boost your skin’s health.

Can You Use Nettle Leaf Cut Dried Herbs for Hair Growth?

Many people use nettle leaves to strengthen their hair and replenish the scalp. The antioxidants are specifically great at reducing bad bacteria in your roots. To relish the benefits of these herbs, boil them in hot water to attain the nutrients, and then dilute your shampoo with the solution.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Urtica Dioica

Ingredients: Urtica Dioica

Format: Dried Herbs Extract