Nettle Root Powder Extract - Urtica Dioica

Nettle Root Powder Extract - Urtica Dioica

What Is Nettle Root Powder Extract?

Nettle root powder extract derives from the powdered form of nettle leaves. The “stinging nettle” has been used in ancient remedies to soothe inflammation. This powder extract is full of beneficial nutrients that treat common skin conditions, like eczema and severe acne. You can mix this product with anything like face masks, shampoos, cleansing milk, and lotions.

What Are the Benefits of Nettle Root Powder Extract?

These traditional stinging leaves (without the sting) have nourishing properties to hydrate your skin. Here are some excellent benefits of using nettle root powder extract:

  • Vitamin C has natural anti-ageing properties
  • Selenium protects your skin from free radical damage
  • Carotenoids prevent the degradation of collagen
  • Vitamin D may help soothe dry and irritated skin 
  • Zinc contains anti-inflammatory qualities 

Is Nettle Root Powder Extract Good for Spots?

Yes, nettle root has been known to soothe and treat painful acne spots. Vitamin D and zinc both contribute to clear skin, as they replenish the natural barriers on your face. If you want to get rid of some stubborn spots, mix the powder extract with your favourite skin mask. 

Does Nettle Help With Itchy Skin?

The classic stinging nettle can reduce the amount of histamine affecting your skin. People often use this powder extract while struggling with common seasonal allergies. You can either combine the extract with a medical cream or use it with a hydrating skin treatment. 

Can You Use Nettle Root Powder Extract as a Toner?

Nettle root powder extract can be the perfect toner for brightening your skin. Nutrients like carotenoids, selenium, and vitamin C will prevent hyperpigmentation – a common occurrence with age. Simply mix the powder with some facial serum to create your ideal toner. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Urtica dioica

Ingredients: 1% Organic Silica [Urtica Cannabina]

Format: Fruit & Herbal Powder Extracts [12:1]