Papaya Liquid Extract - Carica Papaya

Papaya Liquid Extract - Carica Papaya

What Is Papaya Liquid Extract?

Papaya liquid extract derives from the refreshing papaya fruit. It has a sweet fragrance and works perfectly for all skin types. The natural rejuvenating and regenerating properties will eliminate free radicals, leading to healthier skin that makes you look younger. Many cosmetic companies use papaya extract in hair treatments, body lotions, and hydrating face washes. 

What Are the Benefits of Papaya Liquid Extract?

Most people know that papaya is great for your overall health, but it’s also excellent for your skin. Here are some benefits of using the papaya liquid extract:

  • Magnesium can strengthen skin cells
  • Folate increases hydration in your skin 
  • Vitamin A may help prevent breakouts
  • Potassium gives your face a healthy glow
  • Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties

Can Papaya Liquid Extract Exfoliate Skin?

Yes, papaya has lots of papain – an enzyme that eliminates dead skin cells. It can gently exfoliate your skin and remove inactive proteins. Vitamin A is another key ingredient that helps to minimise the appearance of clogged pores, giving you that fresh, glowing radiance.

Is Papaya Extract Good for Pimples?

Papaya liquid extract is loaded with nutrients that can reduce pimples. Magnesium will strengthen cells in the skin, helping them to regenerate quickly after painful breakouts. Vitamin E then steps into the save the day, as it eliminates signs of acne-related inflammation. 

Is Papaya Liquid Extract Good for Hair Growth?

There are lots of minerals in papaya that benefit hair growth. You can mix the extract with your favourite shampoo, hair mask, conditioner, or general scalp treatment. Upon doing this, you might notice your hair feels much softer due to the vitamins exfoliating your hair follicles.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Carica Papaya

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Carica Papaya Fruit Extract (Papaya Fruit Extract), Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol

Format: Water-Based Liquid Extract