Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract - Morus Alba

Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract - Morus Alba

What Is Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract?

The paper mulberry liquid extract is made using the leaves of a paper mulberry plant. This flowering plant has natural skin brightening properties that can fade dark spots. You can use paper mulberry as an alternative to harsh skin-lightening products since they contain chemicals. Many people mix the liquid with their favourite face wash, body lotion, cleansing milk, or oil serum. 

What Are the Benefits of Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract?

The leaves of a mulberry tree have most of the nutrients that strengthen your skin. Here are some amazing benefits of using the paper mulberry liquid extract:

  • Antioxidants that eliminate free radicals on the skin
  • Calcium helps preserve the natural face glow
  • Vitamin K protects collagen production 
  • Potassium enhances hydration in the skin 
  • Vitamin C can help smooth out skin texture 

Does Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract Lighten Skin?

Yes, paper mulberry contains arbutin – a type of compound that inhibits melanin production. This can eventually give you a brighter appearance by reducing dark spots. If you have hyperpigmentation, mix the liquid extract with a face mask and apply that once a week.

Is Mulberry Extract Good for Acne?

The paper mulberry liquid extract has antioxidants like anthocyanin that eliminate bacteria on the skin. This may prevent acne due to clogged pores. However, make sure to dilute the product before using it on your skin, as this will prevent acne from flaring up again. 

How Do You Use Paper Mulberry Liquid Extract?

You can mix the liquid extract with your favourite skincare products. Some people might create their own DIY face mask using the paper mulberry liquid, raw honey, and avocado. This may soothe acne-related inflammation and prevent excess oil from building up on the skin.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Morus Alba

Ingredients: Glycerin - Vegetable/Palm Free, Purified Water, Broussonetia Papyrifera Bark Extract

Format: Glycerine-Based Liquid Extract