Pineapple Powder Extract - Ananas Sativus

Pineapple Powder Extract - Ananas Sativus

What Is Pineapple Powder Extract?

Pineapple powder extract is made using the finely-ground remains of the pineapple plant. This antioxidant-rich ingredient has many benefits for the skin, including hydration and exfoliation. Just one delicious pineapple contains powerful nutrients that improve your overall health. Some people might mix the powder with skincare products like face washes, lotions and serums.

What Are the Benefits of Pineapple Powder Extract?

Any type of powder is super versatile, as you can add it to supplements, skincare products and fruit smoothies. Here are the benefits of using pineapple powder extract:

  • Vitamin C reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Potassium helps to repair damaged cells
  • Copper can smoothe out skin texture
  • Vitamin B6 reduces inflammation from acne
  • Thiamine balances out natural oils 

How Do You Use Pineapple Powder Extract?

There are many ways you can use pineapple powder. You could combine it with liquid skincare products like face washes, oil serums, cleansing milks and body lotions. Other people might add the powder extract to fruit smoothies, as pineapple is very good for reducing inflammation.

Can Pineapple Powder Reduce Pimples?

Yes, pineapple powder extract contains lots of acne-reducing ingredients. Both vitamin B6 and potassium can minimise the appearance of painful breakouts. Potassium repairs those damaged cells or scar tissue and B6 stops those pimples from becoming too sore. 

Is Pineapple Powder Extract Good for Hair?

Pineapple powder has vitamin C – a type of antioxidant that promotes healthy hair growth. This gives you silky-looking hair that prevents hair follicles from becoming clogged up. Simply mix the powder extract with your favourite shampoo and use that once or twice a week. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Ananas Sativus

Ingredients: Ananas Sativus Fruit Extract

Format: Powder Extract [4:1]