Pomegranate Powder Extract 10:1 - Punica Granatum Pericarp

Pomegranate Powder Extract 10:1 - Punica Granatum Pericarp

What Is Pomegranate Powder Extract?

Pomegranate powder extract [10:1] is a powdered form of crushed pomegranate seeds. It comes from the white membrane of the fruit, called a Pericarp. This part contains lots of antioxidants and alkaloids that tighten your skin. To gain the benefits of this skin-nourishing extract, you can mix it with cleansing milks, face masks, body lotions and even shampoos.

What Are the Benefits of Pomegranate Powder Extract?

Any product that contains antioxidants will instantly replenish your skin and give it that healthy glow. Below, you’ll find more benefits of using the pomegranate powder extract [10:1]: 

  • Vitamin C helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Calcium preserves a healthy natural glow
  • Folate adds more hydration to skin cells
  • Potassium eliminates scars and blemishes 
  • Vitamin K can delay the process of skin-ageing

Does Pomegranate Powder Extract Improve Skin?

Yes, pomegranate powder extract [10:1] can improve the overall appearance of your skin. The vitamins and minerals target blemishes or signs of ageing. For example, both vitamin C and potassium reduce pigmentation, making this extract perfect for replenishing the face.

Is Pomegranate Extract Good for Skin Glow?

You can use pomegranate extracts to highlight the glow on your face. Calcium is especially great at reducing dry skin and making the skin look extra plump and youthful. To relish these benefits, simply mix the pomegranate extract with face masks, washes, and lotions.

Does Pomegranate Powder Extract Remove Dark Spots?

This pomegranate extract [10:1] is perfect for removing dark spots and signs of ageing. Potassium and vitamin K work together to reduce pigmentation, especially from previous blemishes. You can add the powder extract to your face wash or make your own DIY mask. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Punica Granatum Pericarp

Ingredients: Punica Granatum Pericarp Extract

Format: Fruit & Herbal Powder Extract [10:1]