Prune Powder Extract - Prunus Salicina

Prune Powder Extract - Prunus Salicina

What Is Prune Powder Extract?

Prune powder extract is made using whole dried plum solids. The moisture is sucked from them to create a fine substance – one that cosmetic companies use in their products. This powder contains lots of minerals that help to hydrate your skin and replenish it. For example, you might find vitamin K, which makes the face appear more radiant, youthful, smooth, and plump. 

What Are the Benefits of Prune Powder Extract?

As you might already know, prunes are great for your gut health, but they’re also great for your skin. Here are some excellent  benefits of using the prune powder extract: 

  • Potassium helps to eliminate scars on the surface of your skin
  • Vitamin A may stimulate collagen production 
  • Copper can speed up the healing time of acne wounds
  • Vitamin B6 can limit the amount of t-zone oil 
  • Manganese protects skin against oxygen-related damage

Is Prune Powder Extract Good for Acne?

Yes, prune extract is great for healing acne and improving scars. Copper and potassium can work together to eliminate bacteria that cause painful breakouts. If you want to relish these benefits, mix the powder extract with your favourite face wash and apply that once or twice daily.

Does Prune Extract Make You Look Younger?

Prune powder extract can definitely give you that youthful appearance. Vitamin A specifically encourages the skin to make more collagen, which balances out any wrinkles. Manganese is another important mineral that stops environmental damage from ageing your face. 

Does Prune Powder Extract Help With Hair Growth?

Anyone who loves taking care of their hair will love this extract. Prune powder extract contains vitamin B6 and manganese – two minerals that can nourish your scalp. Vitamin B6 especially balances out the oils in your hair, which stops it from getting greasy and slowing down growth.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Prunus Salicina 

Ingredients: Prunus Salicina Fruit Extract, Purified Water

Format: Fruit & Herbal Power Extract