Rosemary Liquid Extract - Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosemary Liquid Extract - Rosmarinus Officinalis

What Is Rosemary Liquid Extract?

Rosemary liquid extract is made using the juices of natural rosemary leaves. This extract contains potent antioxidants that can prevent signs of ageing, making it great for those who need extra TLC. One of the special ingredients, rosmarinic acid, is super calming for the skin and may reduce acne, inflammation, dryness, and other common skin conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Rosemary Liquid Extract?

A liquid extract can be mixed with anything, from skincare products to hair masks. Keep reading to find the benefits of using rosemary liquid extract:

  • Magnesium can enhance your overall appearance
  • Vitamin C reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Thiamin boosts collagen production in the skin 
  • Iron speeds up the wound healing process 
  • Vitamin A might help to prevent acne breakouts

Is Rosemary Liquid Extract Good for Dry Skin?

Yes, the rosemary extract can help replenish your dry skin. Both magnesium and thiamin can soothe your skin and boost collagen production after a few weeks. To gain these amazing benefits, mix the liquid extract with your favourite face wash and use that twice a day.

Can Rosemary Extract Tighten Your Skin?

The rosemary liquid extract can firm your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin C is a key ingredient when it comes to looking youthful and plump. Some people add the extract to cleansing milk and others mix it with collagen treatments to enhance that tight skin.

Is Rosemary Liquid Extract Good for Dark Circles?

Our rosemary liquid extract is perfect for removing those dark under-eye circles. Both vitamin C and magnesium can help you look more awake, especially if you work a stressful job. You can mix the extract with eye treatments or oil serums to gently lighten those dark eye bags.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Ingredients: Glycerin - Vegetable/Palm Free, Purified Water, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract

Format: Glycerine-Based Liquid Extract