Schisandra Powder Extract - Schizandra Chinensis

Schisandra Powder Extract - Schizandra Chinensis

What Is Schisandra Powder Extract?

Schisandra powder extract derives from the plant that grows traditional berries. These purple-red berries can be sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent. Some people believe schisandra can support your immune system and prevent chronic diseases. However, this ingredient also benefits the skin by boosting your natural radiance and providing a soft glow.

What Are the Benefits of Schisandra Powder Extract?

A powder can be mixed with anything, including hair care products that support natural growth. Here are some amazing benefits of using the schisandra powder extract:

  • Manganese offers strong sun protection 
  • Vitamin C reduces any fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plant compounds may reduce signs of acne
  • Triterpenes boost the wound healing process
  • Phenolic acids maintain collagen production in the skin

Is Schisandra Powder Extract Good for Skin?

Yes, schisandra powder is great for replenishing your skin. The important minerals can maintain and repair skin cells, which will give you that amazing glow. All you need to do is mix the powder with your favourite skincare products, like a face wash, body lotion or cleansing milk.

How Do You Use Schisandra Powder?

There are many ways you can use schisandra powder extract for hair and skin. Some people mix the powder with a liquid-based skincare product and others add it to boiling water. It depends on what you wish to use it for, so always dilute the extract before applying it. 

Is Schisandra Powder Extract Good for Hair Growth?

The schisandra powder is amazing for supporting hair growth. Of course, it won’t make your hair grow faster, but it can thicken your strands. Phenolic acids are a key ingredient when it comes to healthy hair, as they boost collagen production in the scalp and repair damaged follicles.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Schizandra Chinensis

Ingredients: Schizandra Chinensis Fruit Powder

Format: Powder Extract [4:1]