Soapwort Liquid Extract - Saponaria Officinalis

Soapwort Liquid Extract - Saponaria Officinalis

What Is Soapwort Liquid Extract?

Soapwort liquid extract is made using the diluted substances of a beautiful, purple-pink flowering plant. The deep-cleansing properties may remove dirt from the skin and prevent acne breakouts. Some people might also use this extract when reducing any signs of ageing. You could add some of the liquid to face cleansers, shampoos, body lotions, and face masks. 

What Are the Benefits of Soapwort Liquid Extract?

Not many people have heard of this plant, but it can actually do wonders for your skin. Keep reading to discover the benefits of using soapwort liquid extract:

  • Vitamin C may help to brighten your overall complexion 
  • Flavonoids protect the skin against UV damage 
  • Saponins have anti-fungal properties for the body
  • Vitamin D could delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Quillaic acid reduces inflammation from acne 

Is Soapwort Liquid Extract Good for Face?

Yes, soapwort is great for improving your skin, as it contains a handful of active ingredients. For example, vitamin C can brighten the face, but it might also fill out any fine lines. Vitamin D is another great nutrient for this, so it’s worth adding soapwort extract to your skincare regime.

How Do You Use Soapwort Extract?

You can add small amounts of the soapwort liquid extract to any skincare product. These could be face washes, body lotions, oil serums, cleansing milk, and even deep-conditioning hair treatments. Just make sure to dilute the extract before using it on irritated or broken skin. 

Can Soapwort Liquid Extract Clear Your Skin?

Soapwort liquid extract can definitely clear your skin and brighten the complexion. Quillaic acid, a type of chemical compound, may reduce acne-related inflammation. To relish these amazing benefits, simply add the liquid extract to a soothing facial treatment or aloe vera lotion. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Saponaria Officinalis

Ingredients: Glycerin, Water, Saponaria Officinalis Leaf Extract (Soap Wort Extract)

Format: Glycerine-Based Liquid Extract