Stevia Powder Extract - Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia Powder Extract - Stevia Rebaudiana

What Is Stevia Powder Extract?

Stevia powder extract comes from the sweet-tasting flowering plant. You might know stevia as a traditional sweetener, but it can actually strengthen your skin. These green leaves contain many vitamins and minerals that offer therapeutic benefits to the face. Some people like to mix stevia extract with face washes, body lotions, hair masks, oil serums and even nourishing shampoos. 

What Are the Benefits of Stevia Powder Extract?

This sweet-smelling extract can be mixed with almost anything in your skincare routine. Keep reading to find some amazing benefits of stevia powder extract:

  • Vitamin K boosts collagen production in the skin
  • Magnesium reduces the appearance of acne
  • Copper smoothes out any clogged pores 
  • Vitamin C minimises fine lines and wrinkles
  • Phosphorus repairs and maintains skin cells

Is Stevia Powder Extract Anti-Ageing?

Yes, stevia powder extract contains anti-ageing ingredients. For example, vitamin C reduces fine lines and wrinkles – two common signs of ageing skin. Vitamin K is another key ingredient that boosts collagen production, which creates new skin cells and regenerates your face. 

Is Stevia Good for Acne?

Stevia powder extract is great for reducing acne. Magnesium can clean your pores and shrink the blemishes, while copper prevents those painful spots from coming back. To get these excellent benefits, simply mix the powder extract with your favourite daily face wash.

Can You Use Stevia Powder Extract for Wrinkles?

One amazing thing about stevia extract is that you can use it for ageing skin. This includes wrinkles around the eyes, lips, temples, and cheekbones. Both vitamin C and phosphorus work together to eliminate signs of ageing, which also counts of dark spots and acne scars. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Stevia Rebaudiana

Ingredients: Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract [Min. 95% Steviol Glycosides, Min. 80% Rebaudioside A]

Format: Fruit & Herbal Powder Extract