Verbena Powder Extract - Verbena Officinalis

Verbena Powder Extract - Verbena Officinalis

What Is Verbena Powder Extract?

Verbena powder extract is made using the spray-dried remains of verbena leaves. This purple-pink flowering plant has been used in ancient cultures to soothe irritation and minor bites. Nowadays, people use it to replenish their skin and preserve a natural glow. You could mix the extract with daily face washes, body lotions, oil serums and even nourishing hair products.

What Are the Benefits of Verbena Powder Extract?

Powders are super versatile and can strengthen your skincare regime. Here are some amazing benefits of using verbena powder extract:

  • Galactose is great for eczema flare-ups 
  • Vitamin C reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Flavonoids stop the sun from damaging your skin
  • Phenolic compounds soothe acne-related inflammation 
  • Luteolin may reverse signs of skin diseases

Is Verbena Powder Extract Good for Your Face?

Yes, verbena extract has many skin-replenishing ingredients. The flavonoids can stop environmental damage from killing skin cells or inducing age-related signs. Some of the phenolic compounds will also minimise inflammation or redness surrounding your features.

Can You Use Verbena for Hair Growth?

Verbena powder extract can be used in shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners. This means you’ll notice healthy hair growth once the minerals work on your scalp. For example, luteolin eliminates bad bacteria that could clog hair follicles and slow down the hair growth rate. 

Is Verbena Powder Extract Good for Spots?

You can use the verbena extract to heal and prevent pimples. Galactose is a type of carbohydrate that stops your skin from becoming too dry. As you might know, dry or irritated skin usually encourages more acne, so it’s important to keep the face hydrated constantly. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Verbena Officinalis

Ingredients: Verbena Officinalis Extract

Format: Powder Extract [10:1]