Wattle Seed Powder Extract - Acacia Victoriae

Wattle Seed Powder Extract - Acacia Victoriae

What Is Wattle Seed Powder Extract?

Wattle seed powder extract is made using the spray-dried grains of the edible seeds. People can tell that Summer is approaching when the bush turns yellow. Of course, natural minerals like vitamin B, calcium, and potassium give your skin that natural glow, which is perfect for the sunny months. You can mix the extract with face washes, body lotions, and DIY skin masks.

What Are the Benefits of Wattle Seed Powder Extract?

There’s nothing better than having a nutrient-dense ingredient in your skincare routine. Here are some amazing benefits of using the wattle seed powder extract:

  • Vitamin B stops you from getting too oily 
  • Potassium supports the rapid growth of cells
  • Calcium keeps your skin hydrated 
  • Magnesium reduces the appearance of acne
  • Zinc contains anti-inflammatory properties

Is Wattle Seed Powder Extract Good for Hair?

Yes, wattle seed extract is great for promoting healthy hair growth. Zinc is a key ingredient that eliminates bacteria on the scalp and prevents it from getting dry. Of course, taking care of your hair follicles ensures they can produce long, healthy strands over the next few months.

Does Wattle Seed Improve Your Skin?

Wattle seed powder extract will improve your skin over time. The nourishing ingredients can reduce dark spots, smooth out coarse wrinkles, prevent painful breakouts and preserve a natural glow. All you need to do is add the extract to your favourite daily face wash. 

Does Wattle Seed Powder Extract Reduce Spots?

You can use the wattle seed extract to reduce and prevent acne. Magnesium treats painful breakouts and potassium repairs the damaged skin cells. If you want to relish these amazing benefits, mix the powder extract with a face wash, acne treatment or cleansing milk.

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Acacia Victoriae

Ingredients: Wattle Seed Extract

Format: Australian Native Powder Extract