White Willow Bark Powder Extract - Salix Alba

White Willow Bark Powder Extract - Salix Alba

What Is White Willow Bark Powder Extract?

White willow bark powder extract comes from the spray-dried bark of a willow tree. This substance contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe painful acne flare-ups. The powder also holds important vitamins and minerals for replenishing your skin. People often mix this extract with topical acne treatments, shampoos, face washes and nourishing body lotions.

What Are the Benefits of White Willow Bark Powder Extract?

The willow tree has been popular for herbal medicines, but it’s especially popular for skincare routines in today’s market. Keep reading to find some amazing benefits of using white willow bark powder extract:

  • Salicylic acid reduces congestion on the skin
  • Calcium gives your face a natural glow
  • Manganese prevents UV-related damage 
  • Potassium boosts rapid skin cell growth 
  • Beta-carotene helps to alleviate dry skin

How Do You Use White Willow Bark Powder Extract?

There are many ways to use this versatile powder extract. You can mix some of it with your daily face wash and use that in the morning and night. Other people might add it to hair care products, like shampoos and conditioners, to improve the scalp’s long-term condition. 

Is White Willow Bark Good for Acne?

Yes, our white willow bark powder extract is great for reducing acne. Salicylic acid and potassium are two key ingredients that clean out your pores, further preventing painful breakouts. Simply mix the powder with a soothing acne treatment before applying it. 

Is White Willow Bark Powder Extract Good for Blackheads?

Since white willow bark is known for clearing the skin, you can definitely use the powder extract to eliminate blackheads. All of the natural minerals will prevent your pores from getting clogged. To reap these benefits, add the powder to a daily face wash and use that at least twice a day. 

What Are the Ingredients?

INCI: Salix Alba

Ingredients: Salix Alba Bark Extract [MIn. 25% Salicin]

Format: Fruit & Herbal Powder Extract [4:1]