How Can Private Labels Help With Personal Care Formulation?


Personal care formulation is a complex process requiring a comprehensive approach. You need to craft safe personal care formulas for consumers and provide a product that performs its desired function.

So, how can private labels help with personal care formulas?

Keep reading as we discuss what a private-label manufacturer is and the various processes in personal care formulation that you can improve by opting for a private-label manufacturer.

What Is A Private Label Manufacturer?

private label manufacturer allows businesses to create branded products to sell online or in a retail store. Many eCommerce sellers choose to sell as a third party, meaning they sell the manufacturer's branded products on their eCommerce store. The only issue with this approach is that another eCommerce seller may be able to source an identical product from the same manufacturer.

If they can offer the same products for a lower price, your business will not thrive, and customers will choose their store over yours. By creating your personal care formulation with a private label manufacturer, you will have your products, a confidentiality agreement with the manufacturer, and the guarantee that your products will be yours alone.

So, when starting your own eCommerce business, it is essential to consider whether you'd like to sell as a third party and take the risk of competitors selling your products or whether you'd like to create your own products with a white-label manufacturer.

How Can Private Labels Help With Personal Care Formulation

What Considerations Do You Need To Make When Developing A Personal Care Formulation?

If you've decided to formulate your personal care cosmetics, you need to know about cosmetic industry standards and best practices for creating the ideal product. To give you an idea of the things you'd need to know to start your private-label products, below you'll find some of the top considerations for your care formulation:

  • Marketing knowledge - before you come up with a concept for your personal care formulas, you'll need to have a solid grasp of the market. You'd need to keep up with trending topics in the cosmetic industry, industry innovations, and market gaps.
  • Formula safety knowledge - if you want to start manufacturing hair care, cosmetics, and personal care, you'll need to know which chemical combinations are safe in skin care formulas, and you'll need to understand how to comply with safety and regulatory obligations laid out in cosmetic ingredients legislation.
  • Technical documents - you'll need to be able to interpret stability testing results and earn the title of cosmetic chemist to develop a new cosmetics product in a manufacturing environment safely.
  • Packaging requirements - you'll need to know which ingredients need to be preserved and not exposed to the air, which components could be too acidic for specific material containers, and how to create labels that will not be subject to wear and tear.

Since you have many tasks to handle throughout the day as an aspiring eCommerce seller, you'll likely have little time to spare and allocate to these tasks. The solution? Consider outsourcing your product development and formulation to those with the qualifications, expertise, and experience to help you create a safe product that does exactly what it says on the label.

How Private Label Manufacturers Can Help With Your Personal Care Formulation

Unless you're dedicated to the ins and outs of skincare formulas and wish to seek out a training provider to gain nationally recognised training and a nationally recognised qualification, you're better off outsourcing your product development and formulation to the experts and opting for a private label.

What exactly can a private label manufacturer do for your care formulas? Look at the list below to learn about the knowledge and experience a private label manufacturer can bring to your business.

Stability Testing

Stability testing requires a cosmetic chemist with the relevant stability testing qualifications. It is a complex procedure that ensures the product meets compliance requirements and will not react upon exposure to a different chemical. Using chemistry principles, the private label manufacturer's formulation chemist will determine whether the product is stable and safe for use on the skin.

How Can Private Labels Help With Personal Care Formulation

Product Development

In addition to formulating the product and performing stability testing, a private label manufacturer can develop the product. They will analyse the market to see where the gaps lie, ensuring that your product will be in demand when it hits the market. They will provide a product development brief to your formulation team, clearly indicating their vision for the product.


For efficacious personal care products and personal care aerosol formulas, there needs to be appropriate packaging to ensure the products are not spoiled before the customer can use them. Your private label manufacturer will know the packaging tools and materials to suit organisational requirements. Having their insight will allow you to ensure your product meets performance claims and does not spoil.

Knowledge Of Raw Materials

Your private-label manufacturer will have a broad knowledge of raw materials and will be able to source raw materials for your personal care formulas. You can tell your private label manufacturer what desired effect you are hoping to achieve with your products, and their knowledge of raw materials like essential oils will help you to make it happen.


Your private label manufacturer will help you to develop a marketing strategy for your products, outlining who your products are designed for and why your products stand out in the market. They will be able to provide product photography to help you display your products in the most compelling format and accommodate industry innovations.


In addition to helping you to establish a successful marketing campaign, your product development team will help you to curate your branding. They will ensure that your packaging art matches the scent profile of the product to create a cohesive customer experience for the product.

Listening To Your Vision

Although your private label has an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and innovations, they will still value your vision for the product. You get to establish what kind of product you're hoping to sell, and they will help you to create the product, adapt formulations, and make your product marketable. Once you receive your product prototype, you can decide whether the product fits the bill or requires more changes. You are still in control with a private label manufacturer - only they provide the expertise to ensure your product is viable and safe.


Regarding your cosmetics business, you need to consider whether selling as a third party or using a private label manufacturer suits you best. An exclusive product line reduces the possibility of another online store stocking your products. A private label manufacturer can help you to develop your personal care formulas and will allow you to ensure your branding, marketing, and formulas are designed to fill gaps in the market. With the expertise of a private label manufacturer with a diploma in personal care and cosmetic chemists on hand, there is a guarantee that your products will be safe.

How Can Private Labels Help With Personal Care Formulation


Here are some questions people often ask about developing personal care formulas with a private-label manufacturer.

What Is A Cosmetic Private Label Manufacturer?

A private label manufacturer can help you to develop safe and marketable personal care products for your business. They can help you to create a formula for the product, a product development brief, and a marketing brief. Creating your personal care product requires extensive training and knowledge. Opting for a private label manufacturer can help you outsource that knowledge and get advice from experienced personal care experts with a diploma in personal care.

How Can A Private Label Manufacturer Help You Develop Personal Care Formulas?

When developing your care formulas, you need to gain more knowledge of what is safe for application to the skin and how chemicals will react to one another. This knowledge is required to develop safe products and ensure they perform their desired function for customers. If you choose a private label manufacturer, you can outsource this knowledge and experience to experts, allowing you to craft your products. They will listen to your vision, develop a product in line with that vision, and present you with a prototype for your approval.

What Is A Cosmetic Chemist?

A cosmetic chemist is an expert in cosmetic ingredients. They know which raw materials and chemicals are safe when applied to the skin and how these chemicals will react with one another. They can also recommend appropriate packaging to preserve the product and prevent it from becoming spoiled before it reaches the customer.