Top 7 Tactics For Successful Private Label Email Marketing


The number of email users grows year on year, which is why it's a hugely effective marketing tool for private label businesses. Email marketing is a great way to connect with your clients, keep them up to date with your products, and entice them to your services with offers and discounts. Email campaigns are known to bring in more sales to private label businesses and can even help to bring back customers who have been inactive for months.

Whether you're working with a marketing agency or you're on your own, email marketing campaigns are a great way to self-promote. There are a ton of different email marketing software options out there too, to make this a whole lot easier.

If you're new to the world of email marketing, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, so we've gathered information on this kind of marketing for you to have a look at. In this article, we're going to look at what email marketing actually is, the benefits of an email marketing strategy, and the tactics for successful email marketing. Take a look now to learn more.

Top 7 Tactics For Successful Private Label Email Marketing

What are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing solutions are essentially just using your email to promote your business and its services. It can be used in a range of ways, including enticing customers with discounts and sales, updating customers on your new products, and keeping in touch with customers through weekly newsletters.

Many email marketing services harness all of these different formats to create successful email campaigns and enhance a business's overall marketing strategy.

You can use your email marketing service in different ways to entice different customers too, by personalizing the service and ensuring they see the products, discounts, and information that will bring them back to your site and increase your sales.

How Can Email Marketing Tools Help My Business?

Email marketing tools have a lot of benefits for private label businesses. We've summarized a few of them below.

#1 Creates targeted content

As we've discussed briefly above, you can curate your email marketing to specific audience niches to ensure the right people are seeing the right stuff. This means that people are more likely to click through to your site as they're seeing products, discounts, and services that actually interest them.

This personalization can also help customers to feel like their needs matter to you. With content that is targeted at them specifically, they feel your private label business is working in their interests.

#2 Collecting feedback

Keeping your customers happy is one of the best ways to improve customer retention and increase revenue over time, so if you can find a way to get relevant feedback from clients you can improve in ways your customers want you to.

Private or white label email marketing services can include surveys wherein clients can let you know how you did and how you could improve. You can also collect information on which links and call-to-action buttons most customers click through onto. This can help you to improve your marketing strategies and develop new products in keeping with what your clients want.

#3 Improves sales

If your customers are happier, your sales are more likely to improve. By keeping in touch and interacting with clients, you can keep your business fresh in their minds and keep them coming back for more.

You can also set up email for abandoned carts, discounts, and other targetted content to bring people back who have left your site or been inactive for a while.

Top 7 Tactics For Successful Private Label Email Marketing

#4 Keep in touch with your audience

During slower seasons, your email is what reminds customers that you exist. If you keep in touch each week or month, customers are reminded of your services and are more likely to come back to you instead of looking elsewhere.

In addition, email marketing can keep engagement up on your site, even when people aren't buying your products, to help you to stay relevant on search engines. You can add blogs, weekly updates, and other links that customers can click through without needing to buy anything.

#5 Increases web traffic

As we've mentioned above, email marketing is a great way to increase web traffic, especially in a slower season. Keeping in contact with your clients, reminding them you're still here, and prompting them to look at your blog or your news bulletins can help to keep you relevant as a business.

#6 Timely campaigns

Email marketing allows you to create timely campaigns wherein a specific audience sees discounts or sales in time to draw them to the website. While sales are a great idea to get customers to buy your product, many clients can miss them. Sending out email warnings and reminding them of the sale can help people to shop the discounts and increase your revenue.

#7 Forum for self-promotion

Self-promotion can sometimes feel awkward, but email marketing is an excellent way to do this and allow it to feel a little more natural. You can use your email marketing services to let customers know how much you can do for them.

#8 Exclusivity

An email marketing campaign is a great way to offer exclusive discounts to those who sign up. It can create a sense of community among your clients and help to improve customer loyalty.

Top 7 Tactics For Successful Private Label Email Marketing

7 Top Tactics For Successful Email Marketing

So, you've decided on starting a new email marketing campaign to promote your brand and increase customer retention, but you don't know what the best ways are to make sure it is successful. Well, we have taken some time to find the best email marketing strategies and have summarized them below.

Take a look now to ensure your email marketing efforts are as successful as possible.

#1 Be personal but keep some boundaries in place

The personalized experience in email marketing can help draw customers in. If they feel they're getting a personal experience, they are more likely to be loyal and shop with you. However, there is a limit to how personal you should be. While using someone's name is a good idea, overusing it can feel too much.

Birthday emails are generally well-received. This kind of email can be done with email automation and could include exclusive birthday discounts or promotions.

#2 Short subject lines

There are many things that can put people off opening emails, and long subject lines are one of them. When drafting your email, it is best to create short and snappy email subject lines to draw people in and make sure they open the email.

#3 Pick the right time to email

Email marketing can become pointless if you send it at the wrong time. Sending it in the middle of the workday could result in people deleting the email or opening it and forgetting about it. You need to pick the best time to email so that customers actually open your email.

If you're using a marketing agency, your dedicated account manager is likely to be able to work out the best time for your audience. This could vary depending on your customer base and different demographics within them, and you may even want to target different customer groups at different times with email automation.

#4 Add incentives

Whether it's a discount for signing up for email marketing or discounts just for subscribers, people are more likely to consent to be sent emails if they get something out of it. We would always recommend giving your email subscribers a reason to stick around!

#5 Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly

A lot of email users now open their emails on their phones. This is why it is essential that your emails are mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly emails include:

  • One column of text
  • Centered text
  • Easy call-to-action buttons
  • Small images

#6 Segment your subscribers

Whether it's about the best time to send the emails or targetted discounts, segmenting your subscribers by demographic, age, and gender, can help to make sure your emails are relevant to the receivers. Target your private and white label email marketing services to the right customers for the best results.

#7 Target inactive customers

Email marketing is an excellent method of drawing in customers who have been inactive for a while. Target emails with relevant discounts, sales, and promotions to engage with these clients.

Top 7 Tactics For Successful Private Label Email Marketing

Final Thoughts

Email campaigns help to draw customers in and can help to increase customer loyalty. There are many different ways to conduct a private or white label email marketing campaign but there are a few tactics, including short subject lines, mobile-friendly emails, and targetted campaigns, that can help it to be as successful as possible.

If you're looking to start increasing your marketing strategies, you may want to outsource some of your other business practices to a 3PL. A 3PL can handle all of your picking, packing, and mailing needs as well as your supply chain logistics to ensure you have more time for marketing and product development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of email marketing?

There are a few different kinds of email marketing that a private label business can use. These include:

  • Retention emails - To increase customer loyalty
  • Acquisition emails - To draw in new customers
  • Promotion emails - To advertise sales, self-promote, and keep customers interested
  • Email newsletters - To keep customers up to date

How can I improve my email marketing strategy?

Optimizing your email marketing strategy can ensure that customers click through, visit your site, and buy your products. Tactics for improvement include:

  • Segmenting your customers
  • Making emails mobile-friendly
  • Having emails coming from a real person and not a 'no-reply' email
  • A short, sharp email subject line