White Label Skin Care: Definition, Benefits and Opportunities


The world of skincare is vast with products from industry-leading names to smaller independent brands. Regardless of having a huge passion for skincare, the idea of creating your own skincare products can seem like a pipe dream. Without the research, the laboratory, or the means to manufacture stock, it can be challenging to join the marketplace. 

Private label skin care offers an opportunity to create your own skin care range, market your brand, and meet the skincare hopes of your clients. Regardless of whether you’re a large or small business, private label options are a great way to develop a custom product or skin care range without handling the manufacturing process yourself. 

If you’re new to private labelling, keep reading to find out what exactly it means, the key benefits, and potential opportunities for investing in this area. 

What is White Label Skin Care?

White labelling or white label manufacturing is when a retailer or business works with a manufacturing company to develop or rebrand a product using the retailer's unique branding and packaging. In a nutshell, white labelling is to brand somebody else’s product as your own. It is a contractual process, and the product becomes yours.

With white label and private label skincare, you can essentially have access to a large range of products, whether body care, hair care or baby products. The result is your own product, meticulously developed by somebody else for you to sell. A good quality product will deliver optimal results to your clients, increase your profit margins, and help you to build your brand name in a competitive industry.

Key points of a white label partnership between the manufacturer and the retailer is this: 

  • The manufacturer controls the product in terms of ingredients and other details
  • The product is usually generic and not customised to the retailer, although the retailer controls the packaging design, brand name, and how the product looks
  • The manufacturer does not trademark the products that they sell, but they may sell the same product to other retailers with different branding

White Label Skin Care: Definition, Benefits and Opportunities

Difference Between White Label and Private Label

Although white label and private label skincare are terms often used interchangeably, there are slight differences between the two. The main difference is that private labelling allows you more choice in terms of the products you buy. 

With private label skincare, you source a manufacturing company to not only brand products for you but to create custom formulations that you select, test and approve. The product is no longer generic and is tailored to suit your small business. The process is more exclusive, ensuring that only you have that product. 

White label skincare, as discussed above, offers a generic product branded for you but without any variation or edits to the formulas themselves. The same formula can be sold repeatedly to various buyers, but the branding and packaging will change. 

Both have advantages and disadvantages. It simply comes down to you and what you want for your business. 

Why Choose White Label Skin Care?

Launching your own cosmetic products is a big step for a small business owner. Trying to navigate the skincare industry and make your own products that are high quality and pharmaceutical grade can be challenging. It makes sense to seek help and guidance from skincare specialists. 

While many people mix up their own products at home for personal use, you can’t launch and sell a skin care range without following the strict regulations for cosmetics. Important factors like storage, testing, and the safety of ingredients are essential to ensure you don’t produce a hazardous formula.

With the help of white label and private label cosmetic manufacturers, you can launch a skin care range that lab professionals make, ensure product quality, and build a reliable brand reputation. The outcome is a perfect product made in safe hands that you can sell to your customers and clients as your own.

It’s an excellent opportunity to have your own line, whether you’re a start-up business, a well-known beauty therapist, or a salon looking to expand its offerings.

White Label Skin Care: Definition, Benefits and Opportunities

5 Benefits of White Label Manufacturing

White labelling cosmetics have several key benefits and are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Many business owners can benefit from stocking a skincare range for customers to purchase, including beauty and hair salons, nail salons and spas.  

The key advantages include:

Risk mitigation

All beauty products must be rigorously tested to ensure safe use for customers. Attempting to create your very own formulas without expertise is highly risky. With a white label partner, you can rest assured that experts make the products you buy to sell following all guidelines and meeting industry standards. 


Many white label companies offer cost-effective solutions and affordable products, particularly to start-up businesses. As the product already exists, you can order as little or as often as you need. Look out for minimum order quantity to take advantage of smaller orders if you’re still getting to terms with white labelling.


There is no waiting around with white labelling companies. The product is already manufactured to the highest quality, so there’s no need to wait for testing. You can select your items and await their arrival.


Trying to create your own skin care range from scratch requires a lot of time, commitment, and hard work. The research alone can be overwhelming if you don’t have a background in cosmetic science. Choosing to white label means the work is already done for you. All you have to do is find the best company to suit your needs. 

Builds your brand 

With your own skin care range on the shelves, you immediately boost your brand’s name. Your brand will become more recognisable, your reputation will increase, and most of all, you will stand out from the competition. 

Opportunities and Potential 

There is great potential for your brand and business with white label skincare. Aside from reaping the key benefits listed above, the opportunities with white labelling can continue to work wonders for your business.

You might begin with a singular product, but before long, you could have an entire skincare range under your own name. A successful white label partnership can be highly profitable, from targeting the right customers, setting the proper pricing, and driving more sales. 

Whatever your skincare hopes for a collection of your own, going down the white label route could be a great call.


Now that you have an idea of what to expect from white label skin care, you can determine if it is the right move for your business. Partnering with the right company will ensure you enjoy the many advantages of white labelling.

Australian Private Label is an Australian owned company specialising in private skin care and hair care labelling. Our private label products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with natural ingredients.