Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography


Why Does Professional Photography Matter?

People often tend to grossly underestimate the importance of professional photography in a world where a single picture can change the whole narrative. That’s why in this post, I’ll show you why professional photography is great for your business and why it's a good investment.

Imagine going for an early morning jog and you see a man...dirty, laying on the floor, and with nowhere to go - you just look forward and keep doing you. You won't bother to find out if he was robbed and beaten or if he's just a poor, homeless guy - you immediately conclude that he’s just drunk and drenched in the filth of last night’s drunken escapades. But what happens when you see a Toyota Hilux? Even if you don't like the brand, you’d still  be caught staring longer than necessary because the 4 wheeled angel looks good.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

It’s the same for pictures that we see online. Beautiful things always draw attention! So why don’t you apply the same logic to your business?

Most times, when people decide to start a new business or even re-brand an existing business, they don’t always think of professional photography. Even the few people who think of it usually see it as an expendable cost or something they could do by themselves because they think “oh, my iPhone has a badass camera”.

Remember that total disregard you had for a photo you saw online because the picture quality was terrible? Your phone camera quality might not be as bad, but it is definitely not as good as a real photography camera.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

This section will show you why professional photography is great for your business, and why you should invest in it.

Yes! Invest, because professional photography is an investment in your business.

1.  It Shapes The Perception People Have About Your Brand

Pictures can tell a lot about anything. If you are going to start a business or re-brand an existing one, you would not want people you think of your business as mediocre or anything less than high standard.

Professional pictures can boost your image and that of your business to help you attract more customers. If you use pictures that you took yourself to market your business, people would automatically think that your products are not of high quality. But professional pictures give people the idea that your brand is authentic, so,  they won’t have any reason to doubt the quality of your products.

2.  Professional Pictures Are Versatile 

In today’s world, pictures are very influential. If you have any knowledge of digital marketing, you would know the importance of “content”. Content comes mostly in pictures and videos. You would also know how fast and far these contents can travel.

When you have professional pictures of your products or business on the internet, it makes you visible to the world, and the perception people will have of you and your brand would be one of professionalism - People eat this right up!

Away from social media and online presence now...If you decide to put your business on posters and billboards, you most definitely would not think to use pictures that you took on your phone by yourself. You would want a professional picture that would pass positive messages about your brand to the people that come across your adverts.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

3.  They Help Establish A Good Bond With Your Customers

Oftentimes, people think they can get stock photos as an alternative to professional pictures. While there’s nothing wrong with stock photos, the downside of stock photos is that anyone can just buy them.

Of course, they may serve the purpose for which you are buying them, but they sometimes come across as inauthentic. Imagine seeing a picture on two different websites! It’ll make you wonder whether the products are real, and to whom they really belong.

This would make your prospects feel that they can't trust you, someone who can't even post a real picture of your product. This can sometimes come across to them as a fraudulent act. But what happens when you use professional pictures of your products? Even if another person were to use them on their website, your customers will quickly realize that the picture is of your brand or product.

4.  They Make For Great SEO Content

This would be very useful to you if you have a website for your business. SEO(Search engine optimization) is the process of strategically optimizing various components of your website to improve your ranking in search engine results.

If you were to optimize your professional photos and put them on your website, when people search for your business name or a product you sell, photos of your product will come up. This will help people locate you on the internet, thereby attracting both new and existing customers to your website.

5.  Professional Photography Is Eye-Catching 

The truth is that most people hardly really read on the internet; they just scroll through until they find something that catches their eye. If you were trying to market your product with only beautifully written articles and home-made pictures of your products, there is a possibility that you won't be getting as much engagement as you would like.

But the moment you put up a professional high-quality picture? It immediately begins to attract more and more people and generate engagement.

6.  They Are A Cost-Effective Way To Market Your Product

Contrary to the opinion that professional photography is expensive, they can sometimes be very affordable. When you hire a professional photographer for your business, you can negotiate on the price and choose a suitable payment plan. 

These pictures will go a long way in building your brand and exposing your products. So, it is safe to say that a professional picture is one of the most affordable advertising and marketing strategies.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography


All in all, photography will go a long way in helping you scale your business. But you won’t achieve desired results with just any mediocre photography.

The only and sure-fire method to scale your business with photography is the professional way. Go pro! Bring a professional photographer in-house or just hire a freelancer.

Our personal recommendation is Australian Private Label’s Product Photography service offering. They help you set up photo-shoots to get the right quality shots tailored for high conversion for your eCommerce store.

Good luck!