Types Of Product Photography

Before we dive straight into the various types of product photography, we should, first of all, know the meaning of product photography, and what they are used for. 

So, what is product photography?

Products photography are those commercial photos that are used to capture your product in its best photographic representation so as to facilitate a fast sale on eCommerce.

In the photography world, product photography is a very important niche. They are used for the promotion and dissemination of products.

What product photography does is help capture the interest of the target audience by highlighting a product to encourage fast purchases. 

Usually, when you visit an e-commerce website, the pictures on the website are what you see first, not the big words and grammar. A study has shown that the human mind processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

As an online store owner, when a customer lands on your products page, they usually form their first impression based on the quality of the product’s pictures there. If the photos are of low quality or they don’t accurately match the products you are offering for sale, you might lose a lot of customers.

Simply put, a very catchy product picture helps to build solid trust and connect you with your customers.

Types Of Product Photography Based On Different Factors

For you to understand the types of product photography better, and which type of product photography is suitable for individual products, we have to discuss the types of product photography based on different factors:

  • Based on the number of objects in a Frame: This can be a single/individual product photography or a Group product Photography. 

The former is arguably the commonest in the eCommerce world, it involves only one object appearing in a shot. The latter on the other hand involves a group of objects appearing together in a frame.

Group photography is very rare though, especially in eCommerce product photography.

  • Based on size: This majorly covers products of either normal size, Large and Micro size. For normal size, products from the Food, Tech, and Fashion industry typically fall under this product photography. Large-sized products such as Automobiles, etc often require extensive efforts to carry out the product photography shots.

  • Based on purpose: Appearing in this category are Packaging Shot and 360 shot. 360 shots are the latest trend in product photography. This kind of shot is always captured from an angle of 360° which gives the customer the ability to see how the product looks from every angle.

  • Based on the props used: This includes Mannequin, Hanging, etc. Mannequin for example is another popular layout for product photography. This is mostly used in the clothing industry.

  • Based on the info provided in a shot: This includes Infographic and promo images. 

For any eCommerce business owner that uses SEO tools a lot, a well-developed infographic will quickly move your stuff up Google images ranking.

Product Photography Types

  • Studio Photography

Studio Photography are usually created in studios. One big advantage of studio photography is the ability to control the lighting, contour, contrasts, and highlight certain aspects of the item.

For studio product photography, you only need to focus on one thing, and that is clarity!.

You have to try as much as possible to make the shot as realistic as possible, this is because the products might get returned if what you shot doesn’t look anything like what you are selling to your customers in real life. 

Although this type of product photography is not as creative as other types of product photography, it, however, does the job quite alright. 

  • White Background Photography

White background packshot is by a stretch the easiest and the clearest way to present your products where the products will be portrayed in a non-distracting and very clean way.

In fact, well over 75% of products on Amazon are presented this way.

This type of product photography requires a very simple setup, all you have to do is to isolate the product and make it the core focus of your shot. 

This type of shot also requires you to have a bit of knowledge in Photoshop or any software that can aid the post-production edits.

  • Set Photography

Assuming a product you are trying to photograph is of different versions that are differentiated by either color or size. The best way is to fix every version of this one product together in a single image... This is what set photography does. 

This type of photography particularly helps customers to easily browse through and select the ones that interest them without having to navigate to another product page.

Special products that are not sold separately makes use of this photography layout a lot

  • Comparative Photography

The type of product photography places a related object next to the product. That is, two objects that complement each other. This is mostly done to present the actual size of a product without misleading the buyers.

For example, a picture of a man holding a bag... The bag is the product... Man makes use of bags. The two clearly compliment each other. 

  • The Process Shot

This type of shot often shows the processes or workmanship that a particular product undergoes. If perhaps you make your own products, you should try to do a process shot. 

This type of shot help to build trust and connection with the customers

The Importance Of Product Photography In E-commerce

  • It gives your customers a clear image of what they will be getting. This is particularly important in order to prevent a “What I ordered Vs what I received” scenario.

  • Product photography will help you cement your brand identity.

  • Mobile audiences have access to pictures/images more than any other form of advertisement. 

  • Simply put, product photography increases conversion rate as it plays an important role in the decision-making process. 

  • It is also important in helping you inspire trust in your customers. When there is solid trust between you and your customers, it will make them buy from your eCommerce store with confidence.

  • A high-quality image helps to create the first big impression. People often believe that high-quality product pictures mean the product itself will also be of high quality.


The importance of product photography in the ecommerce sector can’t be overemphasized. The importance is just as immense as the quality of the products themselves.  

In short, the better the stuff looks, the more you will sell.