Top 5 Selling Cosmetics Ideas In 2021


Despite everything else going on in 2021, the beauty industry is still as huge and competitive as ever. In fact, it is expected to grow by an average of 5.2% each year from 2020 to 2023. If you want to make it as a beauty guru, you need to adapt to the ever changing landscape.

As beauty standards change and evolve, so does the industry - especially the world of cosmetics. Cosmetics are used by people of all races and ethnicities all over the world and it is by far the largest market in the beauty industry market. It is a very large market that keeps increasing every day and it is also the most brutal.  

There are so many different cosmetic products out there and each serves their purpose, whether it is lipstick or mascara. In order to make it as a brand in the cosmetic industry you need to make products that stand out.

Different makeup trends have come and gone this year but there are some products that have stood out head and shoulders above the rest. These products were very popular this year and they are loved by so many people. They aren’t just the best products this year but also the best-selling, making millions of dollars for their brands.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the top five best-selling cosmetics ideas of 2021, you might even find some of your favorites on the list.


Nude Eye Shadow Palette

Since the beginning of the pandemic, eye makeup sales have soared over 150% and this palette is responsible for a lot of those sales. This game-changing palette contains a wide variety of pigmented shades ranging from shimmering plums to flattering mattes. This nude palette’s wide variety of shades is amazing because it can be used by people of different skin tones and it will always give them that sexy, confident look.

The nude eye shadow is very affordable considering how good of a product it is. It is definitely a product you would want to have in your makeup bag. It is one of the most talked about beauty products in the world and for good reason.

False Lash Effect Mascara

This type of mascara is amazing for so many reasons. It provides dramatic length and great volume to the lashes so it is perfect for people with thin lashes. It also lasts long, so you can wear it all day to work and even to the gym without fear of your lashes getting messed up. The wand is very long and narrow and it’s packed with bristles so it will be easy for you to brush through your lashes nicely and separate them, and reach the tiny ones in the corners.

The false lash effect mascara is very affordable, and you can find it in stores near you, so you won’t have to break bank to buy it. It dries very quickly and leaves your lashes feeling soft.You can mix them with other mascara products and they work well on both heavy and light makeup. You can apply one coat and if you are feeling a little bit wild, two coats can also work perfectly.

Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

It is well known that lipstick sales go up in times of economic uncertainty. This is called the lipstick effect. Well, liquid lipstickis certainly sought after. Having a variety of shades ranging from Classic red to nude, there is something for everyone. It has a long lasting formula that leaves a flawless matte and makes the wearer look sexy and confident.

This lipstick also features a very distinctive arrow applicator which makes it easier for users to apply it without any mishaps. It can last up to 16 hours on your lips so you can go the whole day without having to constantly reapply it. Liquid lipstick is a must have and is far better than regular lipstick.

Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup

This natural looking liquid foundation is just what you need. It comes in different shades ranging from fair porcelain to golden so you will definitely find a fit for every skin tone. It can be applied on all skin types so you just need to find the brand that applies to yours. It also minimizes pores which is a very unique feature.

Liquid foundation is certainly one that will be here for a long time. It blends so easily with the skin and it gives an amazingbuildable coverage for a flawless matte finish. It is very light on the skin and it lasts long, so it can be worn throughout the day without being smudged. It is definitely one of the best foundations out there and it’s no wonder it sells so much.

Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil

This mechanical eyeliner pencil is another product that is a must have. It lines and defines your eyes perfectly and gives that bold and confident look you are looking for. Its creamy formula makes it hold for hours so you can go about your daily activities without worrying. It is so easy to apply on your face to give you that angelic winged-out look.

This smudge-proof eyeliner is available in natural bright shades ranging from white to purple so there will definitely be one for any skin tone. The retractable eyeliner pencil makes it a lot easier for the user to put on the eyeliner without making mistakes and when applied it gives that beautiful matte finish. If you are worried about the price, you don’t need to. They are affordable and can be found in stores near you.


Above are the top 5 best-selling cosmetic products on the market. They are all great products and I’m sure you might have seen a few of them.

There are many other wonderful cosmetic products out there to choose from, you just need to find the one that you think is best for your to-be brand.