Henry Weaver, Founder & CEO The Daily Men's Skincare


What made you want to start a business?

There was no men's skin care options that were affordable, good quality and not bought at the super market. 

How did you first start?

By launching pre sales on a shoplift site, it meant I could test the market and make sure the brand that spoke to me, also spoke to other customers. pretty quickly, we had $1,600 worth of pre sales and an engaged customer base.

At what point did you realize this could be something?

With in a few months of launching, we were featured in Beautycrew for best skin care launches for 2019. We were then approached by HomeGoods USA to go into their stores across the US. This was a big moment for us as we not only had customers in 8 countries at this time, but an opportunity to roll out into retail stores at scale.

The Daily Men's Skin Care is now stocked in 100 stores across Australia in POLITIX and various collaborations with fellow Australian Made Brands like Hair Folli.

The Daily x POLITIX Men's Wear

Can you give us any kind of growth stats? 

200% revenue growth year on year. 

What do you wish you knew before you got started?

Community and partnerships are core to The Daily Men's Skin Care values and business model. 

Best hack for growing your business?

Nothing replaces hard work and continually evolving your business. Start small and find ways to test things out with out putting all your eggs in one basket. Once you see that it works, then start investing further for growth and scalability.

Tools or services any business trying to scale should know about?

Shiphero for inventory management.

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