Best Of The Best eCommerce Founders

  • Trung Vien, Founder & CEO of Hair Folli

    Probably the first few weeks of launching we got hundreds of orders come through, so we doubled down and hired more staff and turned up the marketing to really take advantage of the market

  • Henry Weaver, Founder & CEO The Daily Men's Skincare

    With in a few months of launching, we were featured in Beautycrew for best skin care launches for 2019. We were then approached by HomeGoods USA to go into their stores across the US. This was a big moment for us as we not only had customers in 8 countries at this time, but an opportunity to roll out into retail stores at scale.
  • Erin Young, Founder & CEO of Arena Strength

    Best hack for growing your business?

    No hacks in business. My advice is to know your customer, solve their pain point, and then work out a paid acquisition channel (I.e FB Ad Sales Funnel) to sell your product. When you know your numbers you can scale without worry. I.e put $10 into ads get $40 in sales and $10 of that is profit.

  • Sonya Driver, CEO of Eco Tan x Eco by Sonya

    Seeing a niche in the market and a fire in my belly. Where my sister was diagnosed with a Melanoma, we started having spray tans, I researched ingredients as I was concerned and didn't like what I found. That's where it all began.
  • Ashleigh Whittaker, CEO of Snack Proud

    What made you want to start a business? Wanting to help people be healthier at work and facilitate better habits. Also grow new distribution channe...
  • Jamie Lee, Co-Founder of The Kind Friend

    What is your business name? The Kind Friend What made you want to start a business? We started The Kind Friend on Instagram in January 2019 to spr...
  • Cara Chen, Founder of Altitude Tea

    Passion for high quality tea, passion for health, passion for finding different ways of doing things.

    That is when I starting knocking on doors of corporate (Google Sydney headquarter being one of them). 

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