Trung Vien, Founder & CEO of Hair Folli


What is your business name?

Hair Folli

What made you want to start a business?

So a lot of my friends started families, new businesses , got married. I saw a problem which a lot of them were having , which was a lot of stress related hair loss.

How did you first start?

I first started doing research for Hair Folli in mid 2019 And then launched in April 2020 during the covid pandemic. It was scary but proved to be good for most e-commerce businesses - online shopping was booming

At what point did you realise this could be something?

Probably the first few weeks of launching we got hundreds of orders come through, so we doubled down and hired more staff and turned up the marketing to really take advantage of the market.

Can you give us any kind of growth stats? EG: Sold to x countries or x products last month or $x etc

Yeah sure, so we started with $10k for stock and in the past year since our launch we sell to now over 50+ countries worldwide selling thousands of units weekly.

What do you wish you knew before you got started?

E-commerce is booming and I wish I’d got in to it 10 years ago.

Best hack for growing your business?

Collaborations with similar brands , this helps leverage each other customer based and solidifies positioning of the brand.

Tools or services any business trying to scale should know about?

Have an understanding of Facebook marketing , google shop and continuously building an email database.

Anything else you would like to add?

Build a solid motivated team that’s adaptable and willing to put in the work.



Trung Vien, Hair Folli