5 Skincare Packaging Ideas for the Australian Market


According to a study about packaging, 72% of consumers admitted that the packaging design has an influence over their purchase. Due to this new information, it’s easy to say that your skincare products need to stand out from a crowd of tough competitors.

The packaging industry is more than just protection for a product. It's a powerful marketing tool that highlights your quality products in the Australian market. Are you interested to learn about the top product packaging ideas?

This article lists 5 of the top packaging designs you could use for your skincare line.

5 Skincare Packaging Ideas for the Australian Market

Why Is Skincare Packaging Important?

Skincare packaging obviously protects your products, but it's not just about that. Packaging is the first thing customers see when browsing different skincare items. They'll gain a first impression right away and decide whether or not to click on your designated website.

Of course, bright colours tend to catch wondering eyes. That doesn't always mean bright colours are suitable for your skincare company. For example, if you designed aluminium tubes for nail polish, they'll most likely have a silver design that looks sleek. It's about discovering packaging designs that represent your personality.

Your chosen design is also a recognisable feature among competitors. People will see the products and instantly know it belongs to your brand. Having this kind of connection ensures returning customers can share your products with family and friends.

5 Skincare Packaging Ideas for Your Products

So, the time has come to think about cosmetic packaging. In today's Australian market, people don't want to see plastic bottles or unsustainable materials. They need to connect with innovative brands that showcase their mission statement through simple packaging designs.

Just keep reading to find the top 5 ideas:

1.  Custom cosmetic boxes

Designing your own box-based packaging can draw consumers to your products. You might want to highlight your skincare business logo or create a mix of colours that catch the eye of shoppers. Custom designs are there to draw you out from other cosmetic brands in the market.

It's easy to go overboard with boxes, especially if you're keen on promoting your extensive range. However, let your personality and mission do the talking. Choose a simple design for your custom boxes and make sure they're consistent for every product.

A popular design is one base colour with a simple logo printed on the front. There's no need to overwhelm potential consumers with intricate pictures and random colour palettes. You could even try screen printing to test different packaging designs and smooth logos.

2.  Gloss lamination

Laminating your cosmetic packaging can enhance the colours. Sophisticated and professional products have been known to stand out in today's skincare industry. When lights reflect off the gloss-like surface, customers will instantly feel the urge to check it out. 

Of course, this type of packaging might not be for everyone. A skincare brand that is both bold and exciting may use gloss lamination to represent the product range. Remember, cosmetic packaging should relate to your mission, services and innovation surrounding sales.

One thing to note is that gloss lamination is typically cheaper than matte. This could be good for a new business that wants to keep up with recent skincare trends.

5 Skincare Packaging Ideas for the Australian Market

3.  Simple and sleek

You can't go wrong with a simple and sleek design for your products. In Australia, the top skincare brands tend to have black or white packaging. While this may seem minimal, consumers can easily read labels without facing bold colours and fancy fonts.

Think about a simple black box with a white sans-serif font. The monochrome impression will easily show the professionalism behind your company. Sleek designs are never boring, especially if you produce high-quality products that appear luxurious in your supply chain.

4.  Eco-friendly

Nowadays, people want to read about sustainable skincare ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Plastic packaging solutions usually stick out like a sore thumb (and not in a good way). Taking the time to think about eco-friendly designs will instantly reward you with pleased customers.

For example, some brands use aluminium tubes or cork-based boxes due to the environmentally-friendly components. Bamboo is another great material that looks both sleek and professional, so it's worth doing more research into your manufacturing processes.

If you're still not convinced, one study found that more than 67% of consumers want recyclable products. The level of concern for non-recyclable products in Australia continues to rise, which is something to keep in mind when creating your packaging.

5.  Soft colours 

Gone are the days when bold packaging was the only way to catch people's attention. Softer colours add a personal touch to your business and make the packaging seem more intimate. Pastel colours create that sense of warmth that bolder statements struggle to do.

For those who are kick-starting a new skincare line, you don't need to design bold packaging solutions right away. Approaching the Australian market from a different angle can make people feel intrigued, especially if you leave room for future growth.

Think back to simplicity when you're trying to sell products on a website or in stores. Did you know that colours influence 85% of shoppers' purchasing decisions? That's why it's important to consider your chosen colour and how it represents the brand.


You don't need extensive experience with cosmetic packaging suppliers to know what works. The right packaging solution should come to you naturally. From box designs to eco-friendly materials, you're bound to discover something that puts an emphasis on your business.

It might help to do some extra research on the top-selling skincare products. This will feed your brain new ideas and inspiration for future packaging ideas. Believe it or not, customers really do care about how you package products and whether it's completely sustainable.

If you took the time to create healthy skincare ingredients, then it won't hurt to take more time when designing stand-out packaging.

5 Skincare Packaging Ideas for the Australian Market

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most eco-friendly skincare packaging?

Bamboo, corrugated cardboard and even cornstarch packaging are said to be some of the best eco-friendly materials. This means they won't harm the environment, especially during the manufacturing process. Customers are 57% less likely to trust a brand if the chosen packaging is not eco-friendly.

Why is cosmetic packaging important?

Cosmetic packaging protects and quality and safety of your products. However, the packaging is also there to make a statement in the beauty industry. Customers will naturally gravitate towards a skincare business that has taken the time to design packaging, rather than throwing in plastic bottles.

How can packaging solutions be more sustainable?

By reducing your ecological footprint, you can discover new sustainable materials through cosmetic packaging suppliers. Gaining more extensive experience in the Australian market will show you that more is less, so aim to make smart choices when choosing sustainability.

What are good alternatives to plastic?

Choosing other materials over plastic is one way to gain attention. Many people care about sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. Just make sure to brainstorm lots of packaging solutions when settling upon a sustainable design. For some good alternatives, here is a dedicated list:

  • Stainless steel 
  • Bamboo 
  • Glass
  • Natural fibre 
  • Straw bales 
  • Cork
  • Organic cotton