Top Cosmetic Manufacturers Melbourne


The beauty industry is highly competitive - but you can take advantage of the recent eCommerce boom to make money and create your skincare line.

Are you considering starting your own cosmetic company in Melbourne?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about cosmetic manufacturers in Melbourne - including what to look for, your options, and the top cosmetic manufacturers in the area.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers Melbourne

What Are Your Options For Cosmetic Manufacturing?

When it comes to having cosmetic formulations manufactured and packaged for your eCommerce store, you have two primary options:

  • Your first option is third-party selling - in this business model, your products are bought from a manufacturer. The products are stamped with the manufacturer's branding, and you don't have much say in how the products are made. Third-party selling might be a good option if you're looking to sell many different wellness products in your store. You can put less energy into one product. However, there is nothing to stop the manufacturer from sharing their products with another eCommerce seller. You could wind up competing with another seller selling the same products you are.
  • Your second option is private label manufacturing - in this business model, you get help designing your products from start to finish in line with your vision. The finished product will have your branding, and you won't need to compete with others selling the same offerings as you. You get a say in the product's formulations, scent profiles, packaging, and selling points. With this option, you get help creating a product with adequate demand, so your products sell.

When choosing between these options, it's important to remember that the right decision will align with your vision for the business and how passionate you are about personal care, skin care, and hair care.

What Does A Private Label Manufacturing Company Do?

If you've chosen to proceed with a private label manufacturer for your products, you need to know what a private label manufacturer does from start to finish. Here are the processes that help you to create your brand in the personal care industry:

  • Product development and formulation - your private label manufacturer will discuss the types of products you want to create, whether you'd like them certified organic formulations, and the purpose you need them to perform. Then, they will provide you with product samples so you can pick the product with the colour, scent profile, and desired effect.
  • Marketing - your private label manufacturing company will help you market your existing and future formulations to meet future trends and innovation in the industry. This way, you can always have a second opinion on whether the beauty products you're creating will appeal to customers - and stay informed on creating a successful marketing strategy.
  • Packaging - your private label manufacturer can use their industry experience to help you choose suitable packaging for your products. The packaging for your cosmetics needs to preserve your products, make them easy to apply, and have a stunning design to stand out and appeal to your customer base. They will perform research to ensure you suitably design the packaging of your product and that the plan will attract customers to your Australian-owned business.
  • Manufacturing - once you have signed off on the finished product, your private label will manufacture your products. Depending on your chosen company, you can order inventory or have the products manufactured in line with purchase orders from your clients or customers. They will perform quality assurance through each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure your buyers are satisfied.

Once you have your existing formulations, you can add to your product offering, branching out into different cosmetics and personal care categories to create a well-rounded natural cosmetics brand in Australia.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers Melbourne

What Qualities Make A Good Cosmetics Manufacturer?

Now that you know what's involved in cosmetic manufacturing with a private label service, you need to know how to choose a cosmetics manufacturer. Here are some of the best qualities to look for in a cosmetics manufacturer:

  • Quality assurance - you need the highest quality products to create a good name for your brand. You should enquire about a manufacturer's quality assurance processes in the production process to ensure your products are suitable.
  • A broad portfolio - if your manufacturing company has extensive experience in the industry, it should have a comprehensive portfolio of products they've created for clients. Take a look at their portfolio, and research the brands to ensure the products are selling and that their services are of a good standard.
  • Adaptability - you need to know that your manufacturer uses innovation for its products. You need to understand that the products you're selling aren't just carbon copies from another brand. Your private label manufacturer needs to adapt to your vision, not just stick to producing the same products as always.
  • Expertise - you need to know that the private label has all kinds of experts on their team. Look for employees with expertise in marketing, formulations, supply chain services, and product development.

By finding these qualities in a cosmetics manufacturer, you're sure to be satisfied with how your finished product turns out and with the demand it drives in the market.

Top Cosmetics Manufacturers In Melbourne

Here are some of the top selections for cosmetics manufacturers in Melbourne.

Australian Private Label

APL (Australian Private Label) Is an Australian-owned private label manufacturer offering services in Melbourne and other Australian regions. They have a comprehensive portfolio of successful clients, including l'Occitaine, SUKIN, and La Roche-Posay. They provide full service for private label products, covering product development to marketing and manufacturing. They use the highest quality raw materials and can help you to create certified organic personal care, skincare, hair care, and beauty products.

My Skincare Manufacturer

My Skincare Manufacturer is a private-label product manufacturer that keeps organic formulations in mind. They specialise in offering natural cosmetics with natural ingredients. With My Skincare Manufacturer, you can create skincare products, and they will handle the manufacturing, printing, design, and packaging.


NewLabs is a private-label manufacturing company offering services in Melbourne. They boast a wide range of products, including deodorants, sunscreens, makeup, baby care, hair care, and skincare. NewLabs prides itself on its research and development processes.

Ross Laboratories

Ross Laboratories prides itself on offering private-label products with innovation in design, execution, and formulation. They have over 100 years of experience as a leading provider to the health and beauty industry. Their services are available in Melbourne, and they can offer services to help you with your supply chain management.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers Melbourne


If you're looking to start a skincare line, you need to know about the best manufacturing experts in your area. If you look for innovation, quality service, and adaptability, you're bound to find a manufacturer to create products in line with your vision - that your customer base loves. You can start your journey by checking out the top Melbourne manufacturers in this article, selecting the service that offers the highest quality full service in line with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people ask about cosmetics manufacturers in Melbourne.

Who Are The Best Melbourne Cosmetics Manufacturers?

If you're looking to begin manufacturing white-label products in Melbourne, you need a company you can trust. An excellent place to start is by evaluating the top competitors in the area. Some of the industry leaders in Melbourne include Australian Private Label, Ross Laboratories, and My Skincare Manufacturer.

What Makes A Good Cosmetics Manufacturer?

You need quality if you're hiring a cosmetics manufacturer for your private-label skin care, hair care, or body care beauty line. Suppose you choose a manufacturer with a history of creating stunning products for reputable brands. In that case, you can gain assurance that your products will be of similar quality, with equal levels of innovation. Look for a full-service manufacturer that can handle all processes in creating your products.

What Is A Private Label Manufacturer?

A private label manufacturer is an alternative to third-party selling, where you can create your products with your branding. You won't risk having another company sell the same products as you, and your products will meet your specifications in line with your vision for your brand. The manufacturer will help you design and create your products from start to finish, providing expert advice and formulation knowledge to ensure your products do what they say on the tin.

Why Choose Private Label Cosmetics?

The eCommerce sector is booming, and you can profit from the uptake in online shopping by creating your unique skincare products. You can design products to fill gaps in categories on popular eCommerce platforms and start making a reputable brand with a loyal customer base.