Cosmetic Custom Formulation

Cosmetic Custom Formulation

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New Product Development Packages Include:

- Custom Formulation Briefing Session
- 2 x Product Samples
- Formulation and Sample Feedback Session With Chemist
- OPTIONAL in lab session with Chemists 
- IP Ownership 
- Stability Testing (If you would like to also include Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET), please view package here. )
- Product Labelling Claims Guidance 

- Breakdown Session For Custom Quotation Of Bulk Production

 Excludes the following:
Ongoing lab sessions for further samples or changes
- Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
- Claim substantiation and other related tests (View Other Product Testing Options) 


Our Process For Formulation Development:

Formulation and development of the following products:

In the lab session for one product:

Including the following tasks:
- Review Development Brief and benchmark.
- Identify suitable ingredients in-line with development brief/benchmarks.
- Draft proposed/indicative formulation, including importing new ingredients into register
- Source/purchase raw ingredients from supplier/s.
- Experiment with formulation
- *Prepare samples for submission, including manufacture of bulk, packing and postage
- Prepare and submit product information form, ingredient list and indicative specification.
- Prepare and submit formulation and process documents, upon approval of formulation.