Best Cosmetic Product Development Services In Australia


Cosmetic development is the foundation of any cosmetics business. It ensures that your products are relevant, safe, and compliant with industry legislation.

Are you looking to develop and launch your line of cosmetics products? Or are you looking to reformulate and rebrand your products?

Keep reading to learn about the cosmetic product development process, how to find a suitable product development service and the qualities of a good product development service!

What Is A Cosmetic Product Development Service?

Product development is not to be confused with product formulation. Product development is defining which products will perform well in the current market, providing a marketing brief, and developing ideas for product formulation.

While the formulation experts ensure the formula works and find the suitable raw materials to create a safe and effective product in line with the safety data sheet, the product developer will give the formulation experts a direction and provide specifications for product formulation.

Best Cosmetic Product Development Services In Australia

So, what's involved in the product development process? Let's take a look:

  • Bringing your ideas on board - when you hire a product development provider, you will have some say in the direction you'd like to take with your product. Your developer will listen to your ideas and will finetune these ideas in line with market demand to ensure your products and branding perform well.
  • Conducting competitor analysis - your product developer will take your ideas and research your competitors to identify any gaps in the market or opportunities you could take advantage of in the formulation process.
  • Finetuning the formula - your product development process will involve fine-tuning the recipe. The developer will be well-versed in cosmetics and aesthetics and pay attention to how the product feels and smells, along with any allergens and chemical reactions that need to be considered. The compliance teams will also ensure product safety and decide whether the product should be coloured or fragranced.
  • Complying with packaging requirements - your product development process will include ensuring the product meets product and packaging requirements, ensuring the packaging best suits the product type and will not compromise the product safety. They will also reach out to packaging suppliers to get samples and find the most suitable packaging for the final product.
  • Artwork and product marketing - your cosmetic product development process will include developing a marketing brief to ensure your product components are marketable and in line with current cosmetic industry trends. They will sign off on the product pack branding, artwork, and labelling, ensuring everything is compliant with health and safety standards.

Understanding what's involved in the product development process will help you to structure your search for an exemplary cosmetic product development service.

Best Cosmetic Product Development Services In Australia

How To Find A Quality Product Development Service

To find a quality product development service, you need to know the qualities of a good product developer. Below are some qualities to look out for.

  • Examples of past work and a high level of innovative creativity - your product development will be successful if you opt for a creative developer. Look at a product prototype from their previous clients to see if you like their work.
  • Extensive knowledge of product formulation - your product developer should have extensive knowledge of the suitable raw materials for product creation and should have connections with formulation experts. Look for any accreditations related to raw materials and product formula creation.
  • Marketing experience and knowledge of emerging trends - if your developer has previous success working with an emerging trend and has extensive marketing knowledge and experience, this is a good sign. It indicated that your developer would know of any gaps in the market and niches that you could take advantage of in your product category.

You should reach out to the product development services you're considering and ask them for a quote and a storyboard or product brief to understand their vision for your project. It would help if you also looked at the company size to determine whether it can accommodate the scope of your needs.

Best Cosmetic Product Development Services In Australia

Whether you're looking for new cosmetic product development or looking to rebrand your old products, you'll need a product development service. Read below to learn about the best cosmetic product development services in Australia.

New Laboratories

New Laboratories is a developing cosmetic company equipped to develop skin care, hair care, makeup, body care, baby care, and specialised salon lines.

New Laboratories has over 50 years of experience in the industry and offers impressive knowledge in the organic and natural sectors. They offer their clients research and development, quality testing, and brand confidentiality.


IdeaToLife is an Australian cosmetics production company that aims to ensure your product prototype passes quality testing with flying colours. They bring innovative new product development to help you sell products and meet changing demands. They have cosmetic chemists to help ensure your products comply with industry standards and perform their desired function.

They also conduct extensive research to help you pass final tests and bring a new product or new shade to the market that your customers love.

Australian Private Label

Australian Private Label is a cosmetics manufacturer with extensive experience. Their packaging team and packaging suppliers never fail to impress, providing high-quality product brief outlines and can provide you with a product pack based on your specifications.

They conduct stability tests, ensure your products' microbiological stability, and conduct extensive product quality assurance.

They have experience working for well-known luxury brands like O'ccitane and can provide you with relevant products that can keep up with the market's changing demand.

Their extensive services cover the product development stage, then the brief marketing development, the product photography, the product information file, shipping, fulfilment, and everything you need to create your own cosmetics line.

Suppose you're looking to streamline your supply chain and source all the main stages of private-label manufacturing from a single provider. In that case, consider opting for Australian Private Label.

Curaco Lab

With Curaco Lab, you can receive a product formula and perform the developing process to create your product. You can also have the Curaco Lab experts handle the new product development process.

Their customised essential oil blends are perfect for those looking to create holistic healing products for their customers with fewer chemical substances.

You can source skin care, hair care, massage oils, and body lotions from Curaco Lab. This developer is perfect for a small business, and you get to work directly alongside the founder of Curaco Lab, Prashanti Lyree when developing your products.

Curaco Labs ensures all production processes comply with US and Australian manufacturing legislation and provides manufacturers in Australia and internationally for your production process.

Now that you have a list of cosmetic production development companies in Australia, you can begin searching for the right provider that best suits your needs and your vision for your company.

Best Cosmetic Product Development Services In Australia


Searching for a product developer can be an overwhelming process. If you know all the processes involved in production for product prototypes, you can begin searching for a product provider that covers all your marketing, formulation, packaging, and innovation needs.

Reach out to a few services to gauge which company best suits you and where your vision is most recognised.


Here are some questions people frequently ask when trying to find the best product developer.

What Is A Cosmetics Product Developer?

A cosmetics product developer is a team of experts that consult with you and a team of chemical experts to ensure your product formula, packaging, branding, and marketing strategy are strong enough to meet customers' demands. A cosmetics developer will guide you in selecting the right products with the right raw materials to take advantage of any gaps in the market.

What Should You Look For In A Cosmetics Product Developer?

Several qualities make a cosmetics product developer a good fit for you and well-equipped to help you design successful products. Here are a few qualities of a good product developer:

  • Creativity - a creative product developer will help you create unique cosmetics that fit into popular market niches.
  • Marketing experience - you'll need a product developer with an awareness of cosmetics industry trends, ensuring your products are relevant in the current cosmetics sphere.
  • Formulation expertise - you need a product developer who understands cosmetic reactions and can perform stability tests on your products.

Why Is Cosmetics Product Development Important?

Cosmetics product development is an important stage in your production process. It ensures that your product can thrive in the current demand climate. Additionally, it ensures that all of your ingredients comply with industry legislation and that your products perform their desired function when your customers use them. This process also dictates how you brand and market your products to customers, ensuring your branding is appealing to the modern customer.

What's The Difference Between Product Development And Formulation?

The formulation process is sourcing raw materials and designing a product that performs its intended function when it meets the customer. On the other hand, product development creates, brands, and analyses the effect in line with the current market, ensuring that it is well-designed and well-equipped to meet market demands. You will often see formulation and production experts working alongside one another in the cosmetics industry.