Where Can I Find Private Label Hair Products in Australia?


When you're looking to start an eCommerce business, you need to decide whether to sell products as a third party or private label hair care with your branding.

Suppose you've decided to sell private-label hair care products. In that case, you'll need a private-label manufacturer, and you'll need to know a little about what a private-label manufacturing company does.

Keep reading to learn about private-label hair care in Australia and how you can build your brand with private-label products.

Where Can I Find Private Label Hair Products in Australia

What Is Private Label Hair Care, And What Are The Benefits?

When selling products online, you can sell either as a third party or your products. A private label hair care company would enable you to sell products with your branding - without needing to learn everything about product formulation, market trends, and product development.

If you were to sell products as a third party, the manufacturer providing you with their products might choose to offer their products to another third-party seller. This situation would lead to you competing with another company selling the same products, creating a predicament.

With a private-label hair care line, you gain the following benefits:

  • Confidentiality - your customers will never know who manufactures your products, and the private label company will not discuss your product information with anyone. This means you will have unique products and won't be playing chess with your competitors to cut corners and offer a better price.
  • Quality - if you were to start a hair care line, you would need to know everything about the industry. With a private label hair care company, you can use their industry knowledge to create unique products without acquiring extensive knowledge - which could take years!
  • Market analysis - your private label manufacturer, will know of any emerging trends and gaps in the market to help you develop products that are in demand, guaranteeing that they will sell well with the right marketing strategy.
  • Control - when you're selling another company's products, you have almost no say on how the products look, what they smell, and what they will do for your customers. With a private label manufacturing company, you're involved in every process, curating your line in keeping with your brand's mission statement.

If you've decided to use a private-label manufacturer for your hair care products, you need to know what to expect when working with them. In the rest of this post, we will discuss what hair care private label manufacturers do and where to find one.

What Do Private Label Manufacturers Do?

Your private-label manufacturing company will include you in every step to ensure your hair care products align with your expectations. To do this, they will consult you as they perform the below-mentioned processes.

Product Development

Your private label manufacturer will begin defining your products. This will include whether you enjoy natural products or organic products. They will also gauge your brand's image, mission statement, and type of products. Your private label manufacturer will then:

  • Perform market research - the private label will research any emerging trends, gaps in the market, and future trends that you might take advantage of with your products.
  • Product formulation - your product development team will work with formulation experts to develop the product. You can try samples along the way to see how your hair care products fare for different hair types, how they smell, and what they perform like.
  • Packaging - your product developer will help you choose carefully selected packaging prototypes that preserve the products and make them easy to apply. You can design the packaging, choose the colour, choose where to put the logo, and so on.
  • Marketing strategy - your product development team will also help you to get started with a marketing strategy by creating perfectly staged product photographs for your website and giving you some direction for how to best market the products.
Where Can I Find Private Label Hair Products in Australia


Once you have decided on a product for your brand, you can sign off on having a batch of the product manufactured. Before you manufacture your products, you must be aware that there will be a minimum order quantity - so you'll need to be able to pay the upfront costs for this order size.

During the manufacturing process, your private-label hair care experts will perform quality testing on your products to ensure each item is the perfect solution. Some other brands opt for cheaper manufacturers, where the services are less precise, which could cause compromised quality - so be sure to work with a reputable manufacturing company.

Where To Find Private Label Hair Care Products In Australia?

Whether you're looking to create hair accessories, a salon hair care range, or personal care products, you'll be able to find a private label company to meet your business needs online.

There are many private-label hair, skincare, and body care manufacturing companies in Australia, and you'll find most of them with a simple internet search. To find the proper manufacturer for your brand, you'll need to know how to filter out the poor services and find the right hair care products to boost your sales and gear your business toward success. Here are some of the qualities that make an excellent hair care manufacturer:

  • Experience - if you're opting for private-label hair care, you need to know that your manufacturer has experience working for successful brands. Previous success indicates their ability to create viable products that will draw success to your business.
  • Marketing - you want a private label to help make your products attractive to the market and develop a successful marketing strategy. Looking at your private label's existing marketing will help you to decide based on the quality of their product photography and packaging design concepts.
  • Shipping - to streamline your operations, you can look for a hair care manufacturer that offers shipping and supply chain services to help you get your products to customers.

To find the ideal private label manufacturing service, below, you'll find a list of some of the top cosmetics manufacturers in Australia.

Australian Private Label

If you're looking to start your hair care line, APL makes an excellent choice.


Trulux is a personal care and cosmetics manufacturer that prides itself on sourcing high-quality raw materials for its products. They can provide product development and formulation services to help you establish your line of haircare products.


If you're evaluating hair care manufacturers in Australia, you should consider U BRAND COSMETICS. Their focus is on providing cruelty-free and high-quality ingredients without the nasty stuff. They work with natural ingredients to bring hair care and cosmetic products.

Where Can I Find Private Label Hair Products in Australia


Creating your products with a private-label hair care manufacturer can be highly profitable. With private-label hair care, you don't need to worry about competitors selling the same effects as you. You can own your products exclusively - without taking the time to learn about product formulation and development. You can outsource these skills to a private-label hair care manufacturer. Is that a good option for you? Why not browse Australian private-label manufacturing companies to explore your options?

What Is Private Label Hair Care Manufacturing?

Private-label manufacturing is the perfect alternative to third-party selling. With third-party selling, other sellers can gain access to the same products you sell, creating competition and placing a strain on your business. With private-label hair care manufacturing, you gain access to your products without needing to learn about product formulas and development.

Where To Find Private Label Manufacturers?

You can find private-label hair care manufacturers in your area with a simple Google search. However, not all private labels are created equal, and you will need to know how to spot excellent services to ensure your products are viable in the market. It would be best if you got quotes from several manufacturers before making your decision.

What Are The Best Qualities To Make Up Private Label Manufacturers?

Some of the best qualities that make a great private-label hair care manufacturer include the following:

  • Product development - look at the manufacturer's existing product concept designs to evaluate whether the packaging and formulas have the quality you seek.
  • Market knowledge - your private label manufacturer, should have in-depth knowledge of the hair care industry, allowing them to present you with carefully selected products to compete in the industry.
  • Marketing and shipping services - some private label manufacturers offer product photography services and shipping services to streamline your supply chain.